Friday, November 06, 2009

BNR34 Carbon Fibre Rear Spoiler

Pic 1: CF BNR34 rear wing

This is the other option I was referring to. Yea man, a full carbon fibre BNR34 rear wing. It's custom made and I think I would not have it on the ER34. Well unless I have a CF hood and CF trunk, then perhaps it will makes more sense. It is super bling and I think it'll really stand out because no one else have it here. Apt for carbon fibre freaks out there. Ahem!

So yeap, I'm fitting in the original BNR34 rear wing onto the ER34. Will post up pictures of the car once it is done. If anyone is keen on the CF BNR34 rear wing, I can hook one up for you. Just shoot me an email via eujin[at]hotmail[dot]com. :)

Pic 2: Yes even the stands are cf

Pic 3: Adjustable blade

Pic 4: Details...

Pic 5: Excellent weave quality


  1. Look like the price will kill us lol. Is it light or heavy? Some CF spoiler is even more heavy then the PU one......

  2. Viper2040, this is just 3kg against 6.5kg for the stock items.

    The price is shall I say reasonable. :)

  3. last time i did say it's all look the same. but after looking at this one........ i'm jelous!!!

  4. crunchyahcock, this is indeed different eh? It'll be the only one in Malaysia if I got it sold here. Well, I can always make more if there is demand. ;P

  5. man eu jin, u seem to have infinite money for your toys! hahah, im still struggling myself to finish the restoration works. they get more expensive as it goes! lol

  6. ej, what u means by " i can make more...." D.I.Y???

  7. Bro,

    I showed this to a friend. He wants to know $.


  8. bro, I just need the stand. Got ah?

    Bugger, how come you didn't post it in our forum???


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