Monday, November 09, 2009

Crashed CBA-R35 in Taiwan

A Nissan GT-R (CBA-R35) was recently crashed in Taiwan. The vehicle overturned and I presume it's gonna be declared a total loss/wreck. The incident even made headlines in Taiwan's National TV, Chinese Television System (CTS).

It's amazing though that the headlights are still working after the crash. From the pictures below, the vehicle are running aftermarket midpipes so I would assume it's slightly modded.

Hmmm . . . . . . I wish I can get those yummy brakes back to Kuala Lumpur. :)

Here's the footage extracted from CTC.

Some pictures of the incident. I think the driver escaped the crash unhurt. Thank god.

Pic 1: What a sad view

Pic 2: Body strength is pretty strong

Pic 3: Note those aftermarket midpipes

Pic 4: Headlights still working there

Pic 5: Rear lights still lighted-up

Pic 6: Wheels looking-up to the sky

Pic 7: Authorities giving a hand

Pic 8: Wheels back to the ground

Pic 9: Prepping for towing

Pic 10: Time to tow it away


  1. I miss my ER34... same white as yours. I think you better not getting that Brake from R35, its the brake problem, that always happen on R35, thats why crashed! U can check on the webs, many sites say its the brakes are not efficient enough for the powerful performance.

  2. Hi Steven, how come you're missing your ER34? Long distance relationship? Where are both of you located? :D

    The R35 brakes are not up to par with the car? that's scary.

  3. the owner probably think he himself was a GTR

  4. wo.... what a waste!!! and R35 is really a monster !!! fast like hell in mid range!!! i play with another one last few day night, wo the mid range power really scarey!!!

  5. j-E34, yea bro. I also got tailgated by a R35 before. The way he took off after overtaking me is awesome! Can't even catch up at all.

  6. Such a lovely car but gone to the drain, i think the engine still can be used:)

  7. I sold my white ER34 nismo ed. :) So still missing it.

  8. yaya eujin... i also having the same treatment from this giant monster!!!! totally cannot catch up even i m the one who start throttle 1st... make my car like a toyz kaka

  9. R35 brake pads need warming up to work efficiently, coz they are suited for both track n road. Street pads should sort that problem out. The Brembo calipers are pretty darn good, the rotors are good but will be better if they were slotted or cross drilled, but still enuff for the car's heavy weight.

    EJ, if u interested in the brakes i got a spare pair.. but not sure to sell or keep as spare.. ;)

  10. Russ I get your hidden msg. LOL.
    Will msg you mate.

  11. Steven... Nismo edition? Where did you get that edition from? I didn't know Nismo has Nismo edition for Er-34! Mind you, EuJin Knows a lot of stuff. I wouldn't make up such a story friend.

  12. USMC, I think maybe Steven meant the ER34 with Altia bodykit? I dunno. :)


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