Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Repainting update ...

Pic 1:
BNR34 Rear Wing onz!

Sorry folks. Didn't really have time to post updates after the repainting works. Thus took like 15 minutes to snap some pics over the weekend to post it here. Actually the car isn't ready yet. I've still got to send her back to be thoroughly waxed. That will take another full day of work. Got to find time this week to get that sorted out.

So here it is, just some simple pics of how the ER34 looked like after fitment of the BNR34 rear spoiler (woohoo!!), re-adjustment + painting of my front bumper, retrimming of the bumper to clear the intercooler hoses, and the repaint of the insides of the hood.

Pic 2: Ain't that squeaky clean?

I think I've more or less got the exterior of the ER34 done to my expectation. I've pampered her more than any regular joe will. In due time, I'll probably retire her to be a weekend car ... well unless someone comes knocking at my door with an offer I can't refuse. Hehehe

Anyway, it's time for me to focus more on the heart of the car. Got some parts I could really use for the ER34 lying in my store room. But of course that's not enough, I've still have to scour for some more key items before I can really delve into the heart of the ER34. :)

Pic 3: Side profile

Pic 4: Front 3/4 profile

Pic 5: Rear 3/4 profile

Pic 6: Butt shot!

Pic 7: Like new eh?


  1. your car always like new *haha*

  2. Hehehe.....yea like new. :P

    CSY, yes the headlights are HID.

  3. I like it! I like it very much! Loving the clean looks! Exactly what I would do. =D

  4. Thank you Leo. Yours looked more appealing. LOL

  5. cool 1 I wonder how ur car's engine sound like

  6. looks beautiful and complete now bro... sweet...=)

  7. CSY, ok. Maybe I can upload a vid clip. :)

    Thanks Darius.

  8. Eugene,

    Did you need to drill new holes for the gtr wing or ya using the same holes ?

    I'm kinda stuck in between getting the gtr wing or the nismo wing struts w/ gtt wing

    the nismo wing struts looks like this : -

  9. Teo, it's the same holes. Ain't that great?

    The NISMO wing struts is out of production as far as I know. It's hard to come by and the price is way crazy.

  10. haha
    alright man
    i wait for ur video

  11. You've made the right choice by getting rid of the stock spoilers. This is tight bro!

  12. USMC, thanks mate. Yea this looked heaps better but the view out back now is kinda sucky. LOL :D

  13. u noe wat the wing struts are sitting 5 m away from me :)

    couple of my frds did say i'm crazy to pay that much but so far no one in WA here has em. gtr wing on gtt is starting to get a bit too common here

    afaik, gtr wings are still more exp then the struts itself

  14. Well the GTR wing is a whole lot bigger than the struts. Hahaha

    If you have it put it on mate. I've only ever seen one with my own eyes and it looked really good.


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