Sunday, November 08, 2009

ER34 at the painters ..... again

Pic 1: ER34 at the painters

Yeap. I've already sent the ER34 to the painters to get my BNR34 rear spoiler fitted. I can't bloody wait to see the end results. I bet it will be smashing. While there, I've also gotten them to fix up my IMPUL 534S front bumper. After the HKS intercooler fitting, the lines of the bumper didn't really match the body lines perfectly due to the intercooler end tanks pressing against the bumper.
I've really got to fix that up else it'll look weird (to me at least).

Pic 2: Re-trimming the front bumper openings

Pic 3: Wire mesh redone and "guide-tapes" to re-trim the openings

So I got them to shave off a wee bit of the inner part of the bumper and also to reshape the crude cut lines on the bumper air dams to clear the intercooler piping properly. The wire mesh were also reworked and recut to *ahem* professional standards. So that warrants a repaint of the front bumper. :P

Since the ER34 is at the workshop, I've also took the opportunity to get the inner side of my hood painted as highlighted in this blog entry.

Pic 3: Rear spoiler-less also have its appeal

Getting back to the BNR34 rear spoiler fitment, the holes does line up perfectly against the stock ER34 rear spoiler mounting holes. The middle plastic holder thingy is of a very slight difference in shape BUT that can be easily rectified via swapping between the two spoilers. Easy peasy. So basically it's plug and play. Superb!

Pic 4: BNR34 rear spoiler already painted and dried

I was there during the test fitment and it's such a drag that the base outline does not match thus exposing the dirt and grime the stock ER34 rear spoiler left behind. Well I can always just touch-up that exposed portion but then the colour matching would be a little off. I'll never be satisfied with that so what else is there to do but to repaint the whole boot! Darn, being fussy always have its price. :(

The ER34 has been at the shop for the past 7 days and it'll take two or three days more to get it all done-up perfectly. Tomorrow, the boot and hood will be painted (I hope!). :)

Somehow I think I treat the ER34 way too well. Heck, I've already lost count of the number of times I got the front bumper repainted. Now I'm a wee bit worried about the price to pay for all these. Yikes!

Pic 5: Unsightly dirt and grime / mounting points of the rear spoiler

Pic 6: Test fitment

Pic 7: Oh darn! It didn't completely cover up all those gunk

Pic 8: This is how the ER34 will look like once done

Pic 9: Pretty neat eh?


  1. bro r u going to fix the cf rear spoiler???if yes,it looks great

  2. finally finally!!!this spoiler damn match your car!!! price to paint whole car expensive this shop?? i wan to change colour for my car already... what colour you suggest?? mid night purple? maca light brown like hyundai accent?? or gun metal sliver?? or greenish grey like cefiro A33??

  3. Bro j-E34, gimme a ring, will advise over the phone. I suggest white with BMW Motorsports stripes. Hehehe

  4. oh why do you have to paint it?! why?! why?!

  5. Paint what? My spoiler or j-E34's ride? LOL :D

  6. Hi Eujin,

    Did you patch back the previous holes or was it using the same hole as the BNR34? Or quite close?

    The distance in between the two poles seems to be the same between a ER's one and BNR's one.

  7. Edward, it uses back the same mounting holes. Ain't that great! :P


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