Monday, November 30, 2009

Nissan R35 GT-R Attaché Case

Pic 1: The Nissan R35 GT-R Attaché Case

Imagine this; you're someone with great taste of everything in life. This would invariably extend to your choice of your personal mobility, i.e. your car. You could be driving something exotic and oozes sex appeal like an Italian, German or British thoroughbred sports coupe. BUT inside you knew better and eyes the CBA-R35 as the car that epitomes your sense of style and individuality.

You drive your Nissan GT-R to work but alas; had to park her in the basement car park away from the glorious view of the outside world. You can't park the car inside your office. No sir, you can't do that BUT what you can do is to equip yourself with an item that continues to ooze that appeal, that whiff of enthusiasm that you place so high into your automotive passion.

Pic 2: GT-R logo and R35 rear spoiler styled handle

That my friends, is the Nissan R35 GT-R Attaché Case (Part No. KWA4003710). Produced by Nissan, this is the ultimate office accessory to link to your GT-R. It is made from full dry carbon on a single piece shell and frame. On the inside it is wrapped with the finest leather.

Measuring W450mm × H320mm × D100mm of pure carbon fibre and titanium, this piece of art sells for JPY500,000. Yes indeed it is pricey.

If you noticed, the handle is styled after the rear spoiler of the R35 GT-R. The case features a 3 digits combination lock to keep important documents safe and of course the final piece of de resistance is the G-TR emblem on the briefcase.

Ain't this uber cool?

Pic 3: Check out the dry carbon

Pic 4: Embossed GT-R logo on the inside

Pic 1: Inside of the Nissan R35 GT-R Attaché Case


  1. ooh wow, that's really something.. for RM20k.. o.O

  2. Wow this is really something.. It'll be snatch thief magnet. Does it come with a pair of titanium handcuff? I think one would need the bag locked to your wrist while toting it around :P

  3. No titanium handcuffs. Hahaha

    Yea I think the case is a lot more valuable than the contents. :D

  4. can you imagine the person with the bag saying... 'take my things, it's okay.. you want my file? take it... my phone? my watch? take it.. just don't take my bag..' that would be so dramatic.. haha..

  5. The mugger would think that you're mad. LOL


    something to share about blackhowling aka bryan chin...

    read the comments???

  7. Well known seller so this sonny guy cant be lying

    Here better link straight to post and comments...

  8. Anonymous, I am not sure why you posted that year 2007 link in my blog. But anyhow, thank you for sharing.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

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  14. Con calling other people con.. sheesh.. what has the world become... a CF GTR brief case has steered off course to become my personal bashing ground. Making a mockery of not only himself but blogowner. Aint no respect for anyone... Cant believe blog owner, EJ's allowing this.

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  16. Anonymous, if you have a case to settle with Bryan perhaps this is not the best place because it's in the comments section of a blog entry which I doubt many people will read anyway ... uhm partly because my blog is not that popular, I think. At times I wonder if anyone reads my ramblings much. Also it's off topic from the blog entry like Bryan mentioned.

    Perhaps the local automotive forums could have been a better platform since you're clearly promoting this message to the public.

    Bryan, your case is none of my business nor I am concerned about it at all because it doesn't involve me a tad bit. By the way, my name is Eu Jin not Eugene. Am I right to interpret that you're asking me to delete off the above comments? It seems like you know who Anonymous is, perhaps you might want to settle this with him offline?

    Just want to clarify that I am not siding anyone here. Take care y'all.

  17. ok eu jin... just leave it up dont delete... thanks... sorry for trouble

  18. azmir1, thanks for reading. I read your ramblings too. LOL

  19. All the GT-R accessories are overpriced! I really wonder if there are people who will actually pay for them.

    Eu Jin,
    Buta buta here kena flooded *laughs*.

    I am not taking sides but judging from the link you posted, it's like 3 years ago (it's almost 2010). If it was really such a priority to you, it would have been sorted by now, no? I don't see the point of putting the issue on Eu Jin's blog as it is not related to his blog post and you are needlessly causing flooding his comment section with comment which are out of topic. Perhaps you should use another channel for you to lay out all your cards on the table and if Bryan feels the need to lay out all of his too, he will do so as well.



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