Sunday, December 27, 2009

Cometic Metal Gasket - RB25DET

Pic 1: Cometic metal gasket

I just procured a metal gasket for the ER34. Going against my usual norm of JDM parts, I looked to the United States for a replacement of my stock head gasket. Of course the offerings from Tomei or HKS would be smashing but its prohibitive price is also a strong determinant for me to seek out alternative brands like Cometic.

Why metal gasket instead of conventional ones? Well for starters, it is less likely to leak under the high cylinder pressure and is superior in terms of heat resistance, resilience, heat conductivity and durability.

Pic 2: This is whats inside ...

The ER34 is slightly boosted higher than factory boost; and increased turbine boost means increased cylinder pressure. I've further plans to bring out more output from the RB25DET thus it's a precautionary (yet crucial!) item as part of my built in the near future.

The unit I got is the 1.3mm thick, 87mm bore type (Part No.C4318-051).

Here are some pictures incase you're in the market for one as well .... :)

Pic 3: Part No.C4318-051

Pic 4: Cometic Metal Gasket for RB25DET


  1. congrats on ur present altho i STILL HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS IT FOR. haha. as long as ur happy. =)

    nang me :


  2. cometic's are alright. bang for buck if compared to tomei etc.

    does its job too.

  3. Erm, I think it's a hit and miss thing. There are plenty of horror stories of Cometic gaskets. There was even a time Eric Hsu (XS Engineering) of Beyond the Dyno blogged about the detailed comparison he did between Cometic, OEM and Cosworth but it was taken down unfortunately.
    But that being said, nice mod!

  4. To be fair Leo, if the mounting surfaces is not flat and does not match each other, any metal gasket will fail, i.e. leak.


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