Saturday, December 19, 2009

Copy Version of Takata Harness (MPH341)

Pic 1: Original version do make a difference :P

Some say imitation is the highest form of flatery. This transcends beyond the fashion world with its now world famous 'copy versions' of Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, etc..So renowned that there are certain cities in the world that churns out these world class copies (so called A-grades) by the truckloads.

Pic 2: Louis Vuitton bags of every kind

Unfortunately, there are also copy versions of the automotive kind. No I don't mean the likes of chinese automakers making a getaway with look-a-likes Chevrolet Spark, BMW X5, Smart Fortwo, etc.. It boils to a more micro level. We are looking at copy version of automotive parts.

Should they fail, some of these parts could be deadly and dangerous to the life of the driver and/or the vehicle itself. Eg. are brake pads, engine oil, fuel pump, oil filter, sensors, etc....

Pic 3: Having an interior like this is a dream

Now fake parts have gone aftermarket too. It's quite disturbing to see many renowned parts have been copied. You have copy version of GReddy & Cusco oil catch tank, copy version of HKS blow off valves & circle earth, copy version of Recaro and Bride bucket seats, copy version of Apexi turbo timers, copy version of GReddy Emanage ECU, copy version of many JDM intercoolers and also copy version of Takata harness. And yes, the list does goes on.

Well of course there are market demands for these items. Lets face it, there will always be buyers on either end of the spectrum. So why am I making a blog entry about this? Well, because of the availability of copy version of aftermarket parts, this has invariable affected my path in the way I equip the ER34. Like how I opted the use of a Blitz turbo timer instead of an Apexi item or how I opted for a Mocal oil catch tank (yet to be installed tho) instead of GReddy/Cusco items.

Pic 4: The real deal MPH341 Takata Harness

I'm sure you would have heard of the rage now over Takata harness. Copy versions have spread everywhere the world over. Part of my wish list is a Takata harness. Been wanting one even before I got the ER34 (serious!). But looks like my direction will have to change due to the many copy units out there. Who know I might be conned into paying real deal price for a copy version. Price differential could be in the ratio of 1:4. Shocked!

JDM concept came out with a guide on how to tell the differences thus am sharing it here with you. The fake Takata Harnesses are almost the same in everyway. You'll be hard pressed to tell it apart without comparing with a genuine unit. Amongst the differences are the eyebolt, cross stitching (fakes have 7, genuine have 4), brackets, CAMS quick release mechanism and FIA label.

Pic 5: Eye bolt differences

Pic 6: 4 versus 7 cross stitching

Pic 7: Note difference in material and design of the bracket

Pic 8: Note difference in material and design of the bracket

Pic 9: Colour is a bit off too

Pic 10: FIA tag

Pic 11: Note difference in material and design of the bracket

Pic 12: No TAKATA engraving at the rear of the CAM lock

Pic 13: Note different coloured CAM lock and the faux carbon fibre on the fake unit

Pic 14: Unique serial number on the genuine unit

Fake version will always have (at this point of time) a FIA label to 2010 and carries the serial number 1E25 (should be a unique running number in the genuine items).

I dunno about you but although it might serve the same function at a fraction of the price, it's effectiveness in the event of a crash is highly questionable. I've seen many people selling off their used Takata harness without the knowledge that they have paid for a fake when it was first bought. Hope this guide helps if you're aftering a unit.

On another note, actually a Bride bucket seat is also part of my wish list but it's got to be abandoned now. There are just too many copy versions out there in the market. That is kinda sucky.
Sigh :(

Pic 15: Perhaps fake harness are better used this way :P


  1. But I know - the boobs is NOT fake, that's for sure.... hehehehehe......

  2. Thanks Himmat.

    Bro Toyol, how sure are you? LOL

  3. i got my takata in the boot. also devastated when i found out bride seat is only less than 1 k for fake one ... so never got into bride, so takata also sit in the car unmounted until .. next option ...

  4. dunhill8008, yours is original? Email me if you're keen to sell. I 'might' be keen.

  5. Yeah, mine is actually taken from a race car from the SS series. Its has an expired FIA date on it but i am not keen to sell it yet. I only obtained one side. = (

  6. A change from all your 'techfactual' it :)

  7. i wan one! How much is tat?? Can it be fitted into my original NSX seat?

  8. Steven, your NSX seats don't have guiding holes for the harness wor. Unless you change to bucket seats la. :P

    I think a brand new Takata MPH341 4-point harness is around RM1,500 brand new ORIGINAL. :P

  9. Erm, changing the seats..maybe just the driver seat. Now my NSX just been garaged due to some Engine small prob ( i believe). Any seats that u would recommend me? I dont wan to sacrifice too much on the comfort. I got back ache sometimes.

  10. Recaro RS-G or Bride Zeta III bro. Google for images.

    Whoa, hope all is well with your NSX man.

  11. Hey, this is the dude from the z33 blog:

    Yes, I have read your blog before I started mine.

    Nice post about these fake items. I personally would not buy any knock off. I like to keep it real.

  12. Hi mate. You've got a smashing looking Z33. Likewise, no fakey in my ride as well.

    Loved your new cf bits!

  13. Thanks for the useful write-up. Too many wanna-bes out there who want to look fast, but hardly ever are. So the fakes're probably sufficient to prevent them from getting killed. An acquaintance actually fit a Brembo "brake caliper cover" on his 60hp Smart car. Stupidity knows no limit.

  14. awesome write up man, it helped out alot, i almost purchased the wrong harness, i copied your blog link to some of the forums i visit daily i hope you dont mind, just trying to spread the good word


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