Saturday, August 15, 2009

Can't get any ricer than this?

Pic 1: Hyundai Accent with scissor/wing doors next to the ER34

I was driving a Hyundai Accent (LC) with Corazon bodykit and ....... are you ready for this ............ scissor/wing doors for the past whole week. Yeap, it's as riceboy as you can get (locally we term it, "Ah Beng"). Hahaha :D

Damn it was hilarious with the doors swinging upwards; not to mention super embarrassing doing it in public. If only I can find a Lamborghini Diablo or Murcielago to park alongside it with the doors up for comparison. Now that would have been a funny sight. :P

A BNR34 in the UK was done up the same, it's really sad to see a legend like that being riced-up. :(

Well, a week with the Accent means the ER34 was not driven, gonna be away to East Malaysia next week so I guess the ER34 would have a great 2 weeks of rest off the roads. :)

Pic 2: BNR34 with scissor/wing doors


  1. hehehe... scissor/wing doors on 16/17" rim with 50r tyres and a huge wheel arc gab in between arr....??????

    Aiyooo... dun mention lambo arr bro.... rather put those Kancil or Kenari with scissor/wing for comparison.... a lot what in KL/JB... wakakakaka..

  2. wakaka...all u need is lot of neon and big ass woofer..haha...oh yea...rims too..bling bling...hehe

  3. *haha* at least can feel the feeling of open the wing doors XD. By the way, the bodykit is very nice:)


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