Monday, August 10, 2009

A sunny afternoon gathering

Pic 1: Some of the guys....

Last Sunday instead of doing an early morning drive to my favorite hill roads, we've decided to hold a small gathering among enthusiasts for a chit chat/get together session. The turnout was pretty decent although a couple of guys can't make it last minute.

There were:-

7 Nissan Skyline GTT
1 Nissan Silvia S15
1 Nissan Silvia S13
1 Toyota Supra
1 VolksWagen Golf GTi

Pic 2: Amir's Supra. Love the clean look.

It was good to meet up with some of the guys again; and some of the newer guys/owner. There were some really cool rides that day. I'll leave the pictures to do most of the talking. Suffice to say, we have the big whp guys, the widebody chaps and everything else in between. :P

It's good finally to see the alter ego of my white ER34. Alan came with his recently kitted black IMPUL 534S ER34. Now we have 2 units of the same kit roaming the roads of Klang Valley. One white, the other black. One angel, the other devil. Hehehehe :P

Here's some pictures of the day. Enjoy.

Pic 3: The angel IMPUL 534S

Pic 4: ... and the devil IMPUL 534S

Pic 5: Zul's sleepy eyes RPS13

Pic 6: Alvin's widebody ER34. Massive work done on this beast.

Pic 7: Arun's S15. It goes as fast at it looks.

Pic 8: AlvinT's faithful touge ER34

Pic 9: Steve's ER34. Lovely NISMO wheels there...

Pic 10: This is what 400whp looks like

Pic 11: Azmir's newly purchased ER34. Welcome to the club bro. :)

Pic 12: George's widebody ER34. Check out those massive offset wheels. :O


  1. Looks like quite a gathering! Very nice!
    No invitation? =(

  2. nice to meet up so old buddies and new buddies..perhaps we should do it more often =P...cums with touge as well..hahaha..

  3. someone drove a camry there too, right? hehe....satigue.

  4. Leo, it was a small gathering only. Sorry mate, will give heads up next time.

    alvinT, gathering cum touge eh? :P

    Satigue, that chap rode shotgun with me thus no Camry presence. Hehehe

  5. so i missed a few ppl. it was nice meeting u all, sorry couldn't be there earlier.

  6. nice meeting ya on that day...just dun remember who is who...

  7. it's ok azmir..for TT if u r late..we will still wait for u..
    for touge..sorry ya bro..haha...late 15 mins..we are off..

  8. I love the supra very much..... super CLEAN:)

  9. EJ,

    Your ER34 is clean looking as well :)

  10. Fir, maybe too clean it's too plain? Hmmmm....not a big fan of decals. Perhaps I need some of it?

  11. my car and the red gtr (i recognize the rims, pic 11) were side by side at jalan bangsar in front of kl sentral yesterday, typical evening congestion, the driver was smoking :)

    i was driving a red vw polo gti.

  12. cool..really love the pictures and wish i can join u guys..NA cars like mine can join u guys too? but im only driving a dc2

  13. patrickonghm, sure thing man. Just email me and we will take it from there if there is another meet up.


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