Monday, August 24, 2009

HKS Type S Intercooler Kit

Pic 1:
Excuse my poor packaging. Did this after a couple of drinks past midnight.

Yesterday was my birthday and I got myself a gift! I purchased a brand new HKS Type S Intercooler Kit from Jeff (thanks bro!). I always wanted a front mount intercooler to replace the wimpish factory side mount intercooler of the ER34.

Also have been pretty sick of cars and motorcyclist taking a peek at my front bumper after they pass the ER34. Is it obligatory to have a huge front mount intercooler on all forced induction cars??

Well finally my wish is realized. I wanted this back in June 2008. Refer this post :P

Pic 2: Opening the box

Pic 3: This is what's inside the big box

The HKS Type S Intercooler Kit (part number 1301-RN093) is one huge mother of an intercooler! Measuring 600mm (L)X 301mm (H) X 65mm (W), I believe this intercooler will dominate the whole front of the ER34. The intercooler is rated up to 450HP which is more than enough judging from my limited budget and plans for the car.

The whole kit comes with:-
1) 1 intercooler
2) 3 mandrel bent aluminum piping
3) 3 silicone hose
4) 7 hose clamps
5) 5 brackets
6) A pack of nuts and bolts

The intercooler utilize a multiple loop shape on the outer fins and a straight through design on the inner fins, thus allowing the pressurized air to quickly pass through. This clever design minimizes pressure drop allowing fast response, and maximizes cooling effect. Being a tube and fin design, this intercooler is also light in weight.

Pic 4: The intercooler

Pic 5: The three pieces of mandrel bent aluminum piping

I'm pretty sure with the enhance flow capacity and cooling efficiency, it's going to perform well over the factory units. I hope the lag (if any) is negligible.

Now got to find time to install this babe in. Am quite worried about it clearing the IMPUL 534S front bumper. Some cutting of the metal bar (what is it called?) behind the front bumper is inevitable though. I really hope it clears the front bumper without any issues at all.

Another issue is the GReddy Oil Cooler. Should I relocate it to a side mount? Hmmmm......

But before I do all this, I've got to get the ER34 engine oil changed. It's already pass it's due mileage! Damn.

Pic 6: HKS silicone hoses

Pic 7: The mounting brackets

Pic 8: Top view of the intercooler

Pic 9: Check out the welding works

Pic 10: Close up of the tube and fin design

Pic 11: Should I spray the HKS wording???


  1. yes u should. compulsory!!!!! make sure the colour is NOT pink!! hehe green is OK!

  2. NICE !!!

    Happy Birthday Bro.

    And spray it !!!

  3. I'm leaning towards not to spray at the moment. Anyway, it will be a while before I can find time to install it in. :)

    Thanks MJ for the wishes. :)

  4. Replace those hoses with hoses... they are the bomb! The HKS do not hold pressure and heat well, I know from experience!

  5. Thanks for the heads up?
    The HKS silicone hoses will pop under pressure over time?

  6. 5hp per alphabet???
    HKS total add 15hp..hehehe...

  7. Happy Birthday EJ!!! hope it clears yr bumper too. cos hks one's hv to trim abit of the bumper to clear both pipings coming out frm the I/C. satigue.

  8. 5hp is gained that easily eh? LOL

    satigue, thanks mate. Fingers crossed no need to trim but the darn cooler looked huge!

  9. goddamn...u bought it first. :)
    Do tell if u can feel any difference in terms of lag, performace, etc....

    i'm planning to get FMIC soon...maybe...depends...wife...err...anyways, enjoy ur I/C!!!!

  10. *HAHA* spray it, it might boost your confidence in driving too XD.

  11. Prince, think not gonna spray it la. Understated look a bit.

    Koh, thanks mate.

  12. why don spray your name on it??=P

  13. Eu Jin - Just to cast my vote: Not to spray at this point of time. Later when u got bored or got nothing to do then can spray... LOL. Enjoy the plain look 1st.

  14. Finally, a FMIC!!

  15. Isma bro, noted. :P

    transparent101, 3 years in the waiting. :(

  16. waaaa.... birthday come so many time in one year arr.... heehehe.... good!

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  18. Bugger, Bro, Happy belated Birthday! You should have told me it was a birthday wish!! You just don't know what I'm capable of! LOL. I would have done something you wouldn't have expected. When I said, pay me later means... (go figure bro) but you paid me in advance!! I was serious!

  19. USMC, thanks for the wishes and everything. :)


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