Friday, June 13, 2008

Front mounted intercooler ..... yea how I wish

Pic 1: If only........

This is not a mod post but rather a post to express my wish for a front mounted intercooler for the ER34. Been wishing for the ER34 to have one mounted up front instead of the puny factory side mounted intercooler.

Currently when boosted higher than the factory boost level, power will only increase up to a certain level. Any higher boost and the ER34 actually drops in power. This is due to the increase in air intake temperature. With a larger front mounted intercooler, the drop in intake temperature provides a denser intake charge to the RB25DET NEO and allows more air and fuel to be combusted and thus increasing the power output of the engine.

Sigh....talking about air fuel ratio, the ER34 is running pretty lean at the moment. Need to do something really soon. :(

The ER34 is a money sucker!!! Grrr........

Pic 2: How I wish........


  1. a/f ratio = lean = save fuel. good for city drive...

    my car running 14.5 a/f ratio normal cruise, when boost to 1 bar, a/f ratio is 10! so you can imagine how suck fuel my car is!

  2. woaychee,

    Air fuel ratio of 10:1? Gosh, sure drinks. :P

    At mid revs I'm running 13:1. That ain't too good eh? :(

  3. u r right about the car being a money sucker!!!

  4. Yeah, it would be nice to have an intercooler hiding behind the front bumper

  5. joethurr, and keep on sucking like a high powered vacuum cleaner it will. Can't imagine for those who has spend 6 figures on their R34 GT-R monsters. :O

    transparent101, yea man. I only it had a FMIC hiding behind the bumper.

  6. Unfortunately, automobiles are a very expensive hobby. Leaves a nice big black hole in your wallet. *laughs*

    The FMIC looks very nice Eu Jin. Get it! *laughs*

  7. Bear in mind you might have to cut the front bar though i've seen several straight fits on several 34s

  8. once again, the car managed to suck more $$$ from my wallet!!!!... but there is a speck of satisfaction this time around... hopefully more satisfaction to come...


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