Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Okuyama Carbing Front Lower Arm Bar Installed

Pic 1: The Okuyama Carbing Front Lower Arm Bar

Yea, finally got time to get the Okuyama Carbing Front Lower Arm Bar installed on the ER34. It simply bolts on to the left and right front suspension arms' mounting points via the factory nuts.

Any difference? Can't really tell until the next drive.
Sigh...I miss 'driving' the ER34. :(

Here is how it looks like.

Pic 2: "Front" indicates the front of the ER34


  1. ej, how much u got it for? satigue

  2. Hi bro Satigue, it costs ¥7,875. I have not come across anyone selling it here in the speedshops tho.

  3. Hi,

    Just though that I wouls ask if you can let us know how much of a difference its made to the car and handling?

    Love the blog BTW.



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