Sunday, June 15, 2008

Up close - Nissan GT-R (R35)

Pic 1: The new Godzilla, the Nissan GT-R

The new Nissan GT-R created waves of excitement in the motoring world. I guess it's now the must have and one of the most admired automobile for the younger generation. Surprisingly even with the high price tag of RM700,000 (USD213,240) there is already quite a number of the R35s running around in the streets of Kuala Lumpur. Up until now, I've only admired them from afar but thanks to bro Leonard, I've got the opportunity see one up close.

The particular unit is coated in Super Black (KH3) and looks simply stunning. You've got to be seeing it in the flesh to appreciate the beauty of this 'monster' and get an idea of how big the car is. Admiring the car up close there's a couple of items that I didn't know existed in the car like the flush-mounted aluminum door handles and the built in Electronic Toll Collection System (ETC) which is a automatic fare collection system for the highways in Japan.

Pic 2: The Electronic Toll Collection System card slot

The packaging of the engine is very neat with the washer reservoir, brake fluid reservoir, etc.. all hidden under neat covers. The VR38DETT twin-turbo V6 acts like a work of art on display under the aluminum hood. :P

Pic 3: The VR38DETT ~ 3.5 seconds for the century sprint

After seeing many videos of reviewers tinkering with the set-up switches in the centre panel, finally I've got the chance to flick it up and down myself. Allowing changes to gear shift characteristics, damper settings and stability control settings to be adjusted according to driving conditions; that's a very cool toy. But even cooler is the multifunction display. It's a bit slow to switch between displays though. But hey, it looks superb!

Pic 4: The dash

The Brembo brakes are massive at 380mm in diameter front and rear with two-piece floating-rotors coupled with 6-piston front and 4-piston rear monoblock callipers. I think they are bigger than my dinner plates at home. :O

I tried sitting at the rear but even with my average Asian height, my head is already touching the ceiling, or rather the rear windscreen. I doubt those seats will be used as the footwell is almost non-existent. Hahaha :D

Here are some more pictures of the beast......

Pic 5: Huge Brembos behind 20" super-lightweight forged-aluminum wheels

Pic 6: The meter display. Note the paddle shifters for the GR6 dual-clutch transmission on the steering wheel

Pic 7: The simple yet functional centre fascia

Pic 8: Ultra cool multifunction display

Pic 9: Rear view of the R35. Note the whole rear is practically one piece of bumper!

Pic 10: Exhaust note at idle produces a menacing deep growl


  1. The entire dash can be done a lot better. Its so squarish like a oldman's Volvo 940, even an S40 dash now looks better.

    Those aircond vents are like taken out from a bus and just main hantam to fit into the squarish dash board.

    The central dash knobs and all out of place leaving many unfilled empty gaps around. Bigger knobs will better use the empty space better and easier to read too. Those knobs are really small.. for an old man like me.. will have problems reading the writings on the knobs... which is which ah? where's my reading glasses??

    The LCD display for the many gauges are cool though! That's the only thing that look nice and right on the dash.

    Look at those buttons on the steering... more buttons than an F1 cars.. and u probably need to be a pilot to get used to the many buttons! :o

    Externally, every inch of it spells muscle! Very the damn nice!

    The gold color brake calipers are very attractive, maybe I should do the same to my Black E90.. :p

    Darn, my E90 done even have a car jack and wheel wrench.. :(

  2. Looks amazing.....(drool..)
    But somehow, i feel that i would still prefer a bnr34..

  3. astroboy, kinda agree with you. The centre fascia is kinda ....uhm....bland.

    Bro, no need paint the calipers on your E90. Change to TAR.OX 8 pots. Woohoo!! LOL :D

    transparent101, I guess the BNR34 has grown up and ready to serve the world now.

    woaychee, I wish bro. But getting a ride is already a dream for me now. :P

  4. ej, we've to thank darkchild for showing us the awesome ride :)

  5. Hi Nic, yea of course. Else we wouldn't have the opportunity. Such an awesome experience. :)

  6. nice posting u got there on the R35GTR... I guess it is maturing much further in terms of looks... interior wise, nothing much to shout about, but well at least a supercar that is daily-drivable ? why not ?

    Wish I could own one, but the pocket says no...


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