Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Fuel price increase yet again

Pic 1: The ER34 at a petrol kiosk on the day before the fuel price hike

The Malaysian fuel (gasoline) price will be increased tomorrow on the 5th June 2008. Yet again! Yes, we Malaysians has seen the steady increase of fuel prices over the last decade. So's nothing new nor it is not surprising to most if not all Malaysians.

Here is the history of the fuel hike over the years:-

Before 1990- RM 0.89/litre
year 1990 - RM 1.10/litre (increased RM 0.21)
01/10/2000 - RM 1.20/litre (increased RM 0.10)
20/10/2001 - RM 1.30/litre (increased RM 0.10)
01/05/2002 - RM 1.32/litre (increased RM 0.02)
31/10/2002 - RM 1.33/litre (increased RM 0.01)
01/03/2003 - RM 1.35/litre (increased RM 0.02)
01/05/2004 - RM 1.37/litre (increased RM 0.02)
01/10/2004 - RM 1.42/litre (increased RM 0.05)
05/05/2005 - RM 1.52/litre (increased RM 0.10)
31/07/2005 - RM 1.62/litre (increased RM 0.10)
28/02/2006 - RM 1.92/litre (increased RM 0.30)
05/06/2008 - RM 2.70/litre (increased RM 0.78)

As you can see, this time round, it's a MAJOR increase, the highest increase ever (for now). Word has it that it may even reach RM 4.00 a litre sometime in August this year. That is madness. The government always stresses that Malaysia still has one of the cheapest fuel in the region. Yes that is true but those countries are not petroleum producing nations. Have they ever compared fuel prices with countries that have petroleum production like Malaysia? For example, fuel prices in the below countries are:-

If fuel prices are increased but there are other alternatives like public transportations, then there is a cheaper avenue out; but public transportation in Malaysia is not convenient nor planned properly. A car/motorcycle here is a necessity item. The car population is an amazing 500,000 vehicles every year (out of a population of 27 Million)!

At the moment us Malaysians are worried about the domino effect this will entail. Cost of transportation will go out, prices of food will increase, electricity tariffs will go up, and basically everything else will be costlier. If only our pay are increased proportionately. :P

To help offset the increase in fuel prices, the government introduced a cash rebate of RM 625 per year will be given to owners of private cars with an engine capacity of up to 2000 cc and pick-up trucks/4WDs/SUVs of up to 2500 cc. For vehicles over 2500 cc, there will be a reduction in roadtax of RM 200 and for motorcycles up to 250 cc, a rebate of RM 150 annually.

As for the ER34? Every 50 litres I pump in now is an additional RM39.00.


Pic 1: The ER34 looks at the rush to fill up before the fuel price hike tomorrow


  1. I hope that it won't reach RM4 per litre or else a lot of people would give up their automotive hobbies. This is damn madness!!!

  2. ya...if it goes up to RM4...i gonna put my ride on display at home..haha

  3. If and when it reaches RM4.00 per litre, I would accept it IF other taxes are reduced as such excise duties, import taxes, sales tax and income tax. Toll fares should be abolished or reduced as well.

    And no more bloody APs! Cars must be made cheaper!

  4. yurp, i agree... reduce tax and other stuffs... food price also increasing... not forgetting tolls and also electricity coming soon... damn!

  5. EJ,

    I feel sorry for you. You probably know that I face different prices every day at different time which is kinda pain. I am paying roughly $1.70 a litre now which is painful too.

    Anyway, I hope you guys can manage it

  6. darius, the domino effect has begun!

    nicwan8, yea man you have different prices everyday and differs from petrol kiosk to petrol kiosk. Got to listen to the radio to get info where the cheapest petrol is for the day eh? :P

  7. EJ,

    Yea....and holidays, long weekend and festive season will push it up skyrocketing.

    Apparently, Tuesday is the end of the normal weekly cycle and it's the cheapest price :P Although it's never always true

  8. I think the Ministers are just rotting in their seats and would love to public to abdicate them. They've been there for way too long...

    It's about time for some new blood.

  9. Hi scavenger, yea man. Time for new "management".

    Btw, love what ya doing with the Perdana. :)

  10. Hmm, a fuel price hike....
    Just when i was about to get my diver's license...

  11. It's un-avoidable that petrol prices will just keep going up.

    The best way to soften this blow is negotiation with your bosses for a salary adjustment

  12. transparent101, diver's or driver's license? Hehehe.....

    nic, yea how I wish I have a Cost Of Living Allowance (COLA). :P

  13. Whoops, typo error.

    Me: Dad, can i have some money to refuel my car?
    My dad: (Takes my keys and hands me a bicycle)

  14. transparent101, then you ask for a Peugeot Racing Bicycle. Your dad will flip when he sees the cost. :P

  15. full cf body on the 34 man. the more weight u lose, the better the fc!

  16. I wish I wish.....and to add to that, I am running lean now, the engine needs more fuel. Darn.....

  17. just refuel yest 1st time after the crazy hike...

    bugger..92 bucks can't even fetch me 35 liters of fuel.... damn

  18. Yea.....sad fact indeed.

    It would have net you 48 litres of fuel based on the previous price.


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