Wednesday, January 09, 2008

OMG!! A crashed brand new R35 GT-R

The debut of the R35 GT-R in the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show made heaps of impact the world over. This iconic car out of Nissan's stable is no doubt every boy racers wet dream (and playstation racers too :P). A number of units were already shipped around the world; some to Australia, Dubai, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, etc........ I got wind of a unit coming into Malaysia as well. And it has already been sold to a guy from Penang at RM6XX,XXX.XX CASH! Lucky bastard!! :)

Sadly though, one of the unit that reached Hong Kong (香港) was already crashed even before it was sold! The R35 belonging Wai Cheung Motors crashed during a test drive session. This is the first photographed crash on the R35 GTR! The car hit something on the sidewalk and the airbags even deployed. Such a shame to see a beautiful car go to waste! :(

I got these set of pictures from the Skyline guys in Hong Kong......

Pic 1: Crashed R35 GT-R

Pic 2: Crashed R35 GT-R


  1. sad sad sad... one gone but many more to come hahaha i think not many people know how to control the car yet but i though it suppose to be a user friendly car?


  2. Wow! :O What a waste! I guess the new beast really shows its torque in HK ah? Or may be those "Hong Kee"s couldn't handle the new beast :p

  3. We don't even have this car yet in Malaysia, and this dude has already crashed it!!! RIP!! First half cut??

  4. heard the same from my boss that it cost 600k and open for booking at you-know-where

  5. hkies always crashes their cars, even in australia, they have like the highest crash rates

  6. Erm... We dun call ourselves Hongkies but rather Hong Kong People/Chinese.
    I dun think they hav da highest crash rates tho~
    Anyway, it's a sad case!! I dun pity dat driver, but da GTR!!
    No idea how a test-drive session will turn out to b an accident.
    99% new half-cut :p

  7. must be some ah sam driving the thing, or some cutesy gf that just got the car from a rich bf, or some pre-puberty teeny booper rich kid anyway, yeah first half cut i guess LOL.

  8. Wow old post. hehe. Actually it's 99% new rear cut.


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