Saturday, January 05, 2008

Malaysian Skyline Club Gathering 040108

Pic 1: Group photo at Seri Wawasan Putrajaya Bridge

The Malaysian Skyline Club held it's first gathering for the year 2008 on the 4th of January. The number of Skylines that turned out is nothing short of amazing. Present are 20 over units of Skylines of various variants from the R32 to the R34 models. Some are pretty stock while others have been modded quite a fair bit.

The night started with a getting-to-know-you session whilst checking out the rides that were present. Right before midnite, the cars all move out for a cruise (a really fast cruise that is!) towards Cyberjaya via the new KL-Putrajaya Highway. This new highway cosing about RM1.4 billion (USD$ 426 million) to build is 26km long of pure wangan style highway. Most of the way, the roads are very straight with long sweeping bends. However, some stretch are a little bumpy and the downhill left sweeper to the toll booth at the end of the highway is pretty dangerous if one is speeding and are caught unaware. Seeing a bunch of Skylines speeding at speeds in excess of 200km/h on a damp highway is a crazy sight! I kept my speed below those of the front runners; those guys are mad buggers! :P

Pic 2: Stopped after the exit of the KL-Putrajaya Highway

Upon reaching Cyberjaya, we stopped for drinks and a chit-chat session in the newly opened Old Town Kopitiam located in Jalan Teknokrat. I guess this establishment gave hope to those working in the "desert" of Cyberjaya more choices of food in the area. I was made to understand that food choices in Cyberjaya is extremely limited and exorbitantly priced!

After about an hour or so, we left Old Town Kopitiam and head out towards Putrajaya. Here along the main road infront of the Ministry of Finance (MoF), we made a couple of "hot laps" much to the enjoyment of the guys. The sounds of the RB engines resonating off the building walls are wicked! Such music cacophony...........

Pic 3: Traffic jam full of Skylines?!?!

Pic 4: Parked outside the Ministry of Finance

We actually intend to have a group photoshoot here at MoF but decided otherwise and instead head out to the Seri Wawasan Putrajaya Bridge. This bridge connects Precinct 2 on the Core Island to the residential area of Precinct 8. Touted as one of the most beautiful bridges this side of the state, it's a magnificent structure consisting of 2 pylons and an arch with multiple cable stays.

At the bridge, the cars are parked in formation for the very very very late photoshoot. Our antics were noticed by a passing Police patrol car that promptly kept us in strict scrutiny. The coppers doesn't seem to be very pleased with our presence there. After a while, guess the cops got restless and began checking out our road tax and also jotting down our number plates. A good time to get our arse off the place. All jumped into our rides and make like a banana and split (sorry can't resist the term :P). It’s already 3:00 am by then; gosh…what a late night out.

Oh btw, a video was to be produced out of the night with highway speeding footages, cruise footages and also drag footages. Can't wait to see the end result from the DVD. It has got to be really cool!

Here are some pictures from the night.

Pic 5: Skylines invades a petrol kiosk

Pic 6: The cops are here!!

Pic 7: Coppers keeping a close eye on what we are doing......

Pic 8: Lots of white Skylines in this shot eh?

Pic 9: The two BCNR33 of the night and Driftmeister's Veilside kitted R34

Pic 10: The guys checking out the cops and vice-versa :P

Pic 11: This daytime shot shows how straight the KL-Putrajaya Highway really is


  1. Wow!!! I am eagerly awaiting video upload :P!!!

  2. hey russ wife was there with the Z too rite?

  3. touge king, I'm not the creater of the video so I leave it to the mastermind if the video will be uploaded. Could be sensative with all the number plates there.

    Scooby, yea Nicole was with us before we shoot off to Cyberjaya/Putrajaya.

  4. Wow.... sounds like u guys just discovered CyberBahn.. :D

  5. CyberBahn......hahaha....nice term. :P

  6. i'm wondering what the cops said laaa... :p

  7. guys whens the next gathering !!!!! pls info me..thank you


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