Friday, January 11, 2008

Acthung! Flaming ER34

ER34 flames - Video by sakakida

Referring to my post on Kakimoto Catalyst Straight Pipe, I finally get to see how the car is from the other angle, i.e behind the car. When I was a lot younger I used to envy seeing those JDM cars with flames thrown out of the exhaust. Now that I am experiencing it myself, it's a nice feeling that I finally can do it with my own car. It's no big deal to a lot of people but coming from a guy that drove a humble Proton Wira 1.5A (4G15) and a Daihatsu Charade 1.3 (G200) before getting the Proton Perdana V6 (6A12), this is whole new motoring experience.....

Together with sakakida and corrupt, we shot the below pictures and video. Sorry about the quality of the pictures, they were extracted from a poor quality video. :(

Pic 1: Flames starting

Pic 2: Flames away.....

Pic 3: Blue-ish flames at the end


  1. EJ, i got a 5zigen catalyst straight too and it sounds like "borph...borphf.." when i'm in the car. Is that the back fire sound?boy i wish i can see mine too!

    btw EJ, i just changed my alternator today.They got it from another car which i'm not sure what was but they had to use back my "original" alternator casing to fit and its only rm 160. If its 3k like you said i rather sell off the car haha.

  2. rych, well for sure you will hear an explosion but whether there's flames or not, you'll need someone to see it at the rear. :P

    RM160 is a great price. I paid RM40 more for the BCNR33 alternator. Btw, if you have msn, do add me in.

  3. u shud see the flames off a vspec2 ...zomg! /e5 hahaaha...nice vid man. how do u keep the camera so still???

  4. Zul, hehehe....very long never see you guys. I've accidently formatted my phone. Lost quite a lot of contacts, mind sms me your contact and also HM's as well.

    The 'cam' was duct taped!! Haha

  5. Is it me or was the vid sped up?

    Nice flames nonetheless :)!

  6. TK, the conversion from MP4 source somehow or rather turn the video that way. Shudder......I find it weird too.

  7. I see :)

    Perhaps you should dyno the beast, and make sure you record the footage. I am pretty sure there are big long flames coming out. Maybe add a can of octane booster?

    Make sure you go to a trustworthy dyno facility though, I have seen dumbass "tuners" blowing up RB26DETTs...

  8. TK, dyno is in the plans. Just to see how much (or rather little) I'm making on the wheels. No big deal la, afterall no big plans to increase bhp due to budgetary limitations.

  9. wah...nice flames..wonder when i can upgrade to be a skyline owner...wakaka...

    got any other vid during the wangan??

  10. waaahhh... main api now huh ej... nice flames indeed... & does bring back old memories :p maybe next time i join u & shoot using my pro-cam ;)

  11. Kazuki, the rest of the video are quite shaky thus are relatively useless.

    Hey Joe, miss you la bro. Yea la if you shoot using your pro-cam sure cun man.....still thinking of getting the BNR34? :P

  12. hahaha... yea, never stop thinking about getting my own... but have to wait till business really stable first & furthermore in few months will become daddy ;)

  13. Joe, congrats bro. Am very happy for you. :)


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