Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New AC Delco NS40ZL Maintenance Free Battery

Pic 1: The AC Delco NS40ZL MF Battery

Geez!! I thought after going through a replacement alternator and recharging my old battery all will be fine. Guess not eh? After I charged the battery, it was flat 2 days later. It was completely drained out; I can't even crank the engine. I bought my battery on the 4th of January this year and I've 4 more days before the 1 year warranty period runs out. Better try my luck to claim warranty before I go and procure a new battery. Like mentioned in my previous post, batteries are getting costlier nowadays.

When I brought the battery back to the shop, they were a bit sceptical about the possibility of claiming it and being on the 31st December 2007, it doesn't really help that most of the people from the distributor are away and it's a public holiday the very next day. Thankfully, luck was on my side, as I was called about 30 minutes later to come and pick up my new replacement battery. Woohoo!!! That's fast work and it saved me buying a new battery for the ER34. :P

Pic 2: Old battery out of the engine bay.....

Pic 3: And the new AC Delco NS40ZL MF goes in.....


  1. The battery tray is still there. You see the clear transparent casing enclosing the battery in pic 3.

    That is the reason I am using the NS40 sized battery. It only fits that size. Have got a lot of comments from people on why I use such a tiny battery on the ER34. Hahaha

  2. Wah EJ, u damn lucky!

    MF battery is very lasting and by right warranty should be more than a year. That's the plus point for MF.

    However, apart from the higher price, the problem with MF battery is it can't be rescued from a flat! If u have drained the battery flat, that's it. U can kiss her good bye!

    So in your case, its obvious that your faulty alternator shall be blamed for terminating your MF battery life prematurely. U should send a big Thank You card to the AC Delco guys! :P

  3. OIC.. :) Wish I could use such a small batt as yours. Makes for decent weight savings. The Slowtra uses a farkin huge NS70 sized battery!

  4. astroboy, yea was damn lucky to still have the warranty intact. :P

    andrew, go for optima batteries. :P

  5. Just got myself an E90 and damn the battery is a proprietary humongous 90AH battery with a circuit breaker mounted on top and said to last least 5 years..

    It will become a big worry 5 years down the road.. :(

  6. astroboy, 12V 90AH are costly! But I guess if divided over 5 years it's ok considering it's powering an E90. :P

    So slapping on a ACS kit? :P

  7. is everyone with skylines having prob with their batteries with the new monsoon season? i swapped mine too but it was a bitch to find the batery as mine is NS20L!(original from japan with the car)

    most of the battery seller had never heard of 20L, i tried to opt for the 40 but it was too large as my default connectors and its length to the fusebox were all meant for 20 size. I finally got one off a borsh distributor for rm180(market price rm280),PHEW....

    its gonna be a hard time to get 20 again during the next change, so i told the distributor to keep more 20s just in case!

  8. Bro,

    Boh lui for Optima lar.. Besides they're friggin heavy!

  9. Hi Newbie here, where can i get this AC Delco battery. Thanks

  10. rych, which skyline model uses the L20 battery?

    Andrew, light weight battry!

    ckzone, I got it from a shop in Sunway. It's a couple of doors away from KSP Power.

  11. sorry to jump to other topi..hope u wont b angry.hehe.Ej just wanna sk u how much u got the retractable plate frame?coz my fren say he can get one for RM200..

  12. scooby, can't actually recall the exact amount but I think it's RM 250.00 inclusive of courier by air. Where can your friend source it from? Where is it made?

  13. i m also not sure where he is get it from.coz i was in kl on thursday then my fren ask me if i want it or not..i try to check it out for u..u want it?

  14. scooby, nah I already have one. There are similar ones selling in KL made in Taiwan BUT those are not retractable number plate frames. Those that I have seen are generic holders that enables you to adjust the angle of the number plate (fixed position).

  15. Bro,

    Used Odyssey PC680 for my previous car. Not practical for daily use!

  16. yea i also have the taiwan made frame on my scooby..but it is not looking good


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