Monday, January 07, 2008

Kakimoto Catalyst Straight Pipe

The exhaust that I have on the ER34 is a cat back HKS Super Dragger; which means that the factory catalytic converter (cat) is still in place. The cat is a device used to reduce the toxicity of emissions from motor vehicle exhaust systems. Yes, it is a good thing and helps to protect the environment too.

BUT it also robs precious I've ordered in a replacement pipe to rid of the cat. I got the Kakimoto Catalyst Straight Pipe (Part No. NSP305) from Japan thanks to bro Lufias for helping with the purchase and courier. :)

Pic 1: The Kakimoto Catalyst Straight Pipe box

Pic 2: The contents!!

The Kakimoto Catalyst Straight Pipe is made from stainless steel and comes with the below items:-
1) 1X Straight pipe (Sized 80)
2) 4X nuts
3) 4X bolts
4) 1X Kakimoto sticker
5) 1X User manual
What about the two exhaust gaskets? Well, I sourced that locally here. :)

So how's the car after the installation of the Kakimoto Catalyst Straight Pipe? Immediately the ER34 felt different! It now revs more smoothly to the higher range of the rev counter and sounds more menacingly solid. The stock boost on the ER34 was raised too. My mechanic says it's normal for boost to increase slightly with the cat out of the car. Thus it also felt more powerful. Gasp! :P

With the cat on previously, I've always gotten explosions from the exhaust on upshifts and also when I release the accelerator abruptly. But sadly though, no I get cool blue reddish flames thrown a feet away from the car. Woohoo.....must be a great view. I'll love to get a video or a picture of that!

On the con side of things, besides being a polluter, the ER34 is definitely going to gulp in more fuel than before. Perhaps, that's the price one has got to pay. With escalating fuel prices, this isn't quite well welcomed. Well at least I did shelved some weight off the car. The cat is bloody heavy weighing in at 4.5kg! Oh and I hope my rear bumper won't get burned too much that I need to wax it every a couple of days. :P

In case, you are wondering, the item price listed at Kakimoto Racing website is JPY 16,800 for the pipe and JPY 2,200 for the accessories (nuts, bolts and gaskets).

Pic 3: The parts breakdown

Pic 4: The two gaskets

Pic 5: The stock catalytic converter removed

Pic 6: With the Kakimoto Catalyst Straight Pipe installed

Pic 7: In case, you are wondering, the Jap words means "For Racing Purposes Only"


  1. EJ, while it is great to earn a few horses by freeing up your exhaust, do watch for boost creep during cold weather.

    I did the same thing to my ex-FD RX7 during winter, and the boost gained was a little too much... Lucky I didn't blow the engine :P

    Then again, you have a much more solid engine, but still, just to be on the safe side...


  2. TK, thanks for the advice. Will the stock boost cut eliminate any overboosting as a result of boost creep?

    Perhaps a boost controller is needed?

  3. Aiyaa.... maybe u will thank the Kakimoto when the day come, making way for a full fledge RB26TT GTR power plant!!

  4. Man.. Can't wait to put in the hot bits stainless header and loose my cat.

  5. Astroboy, I'll rather not. Can't afford it man. :(

    Andrew, you've done your base dyno, now's the time for power mods. :P

  6. ej do be careful of the boost spike or creep, even the ecu do help to cut at 0.99bar or 1 bar, boost spike might kill your piston or valve as when you are boosting a sudden hike of 0.2 or more will give you tremendous change of pressure so a boost controller would be great to help hehehe


  7. So a boost controller is needed eh Sakakida? Hehehe


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