Friday, January 18, 2008

My 1st year anniversary !!!

Pic 1: Pic in the ER34

Gosh, time really flies........I've already married the love of my life (no not the Skyline!) for a year now. Yup, already tied the knot for a year with my beautiful other half. We've been through a lot of ups and downs in life together as a couple for 9 years and counting. I must thank the man above for keeping us together until now and hopefully for many many more years to come.

Ashley is great as a best friend, activity partner, travel companion and of course as my wife. An all rounder thats no where else to be found. Oh and I must add that she's the one that gave me support and strength to purchase the ER34 and realise my dream of owning and driving a Skyline. Without her I think I wouldn't have taken the plunge to get the ER34. :P

We've never looked back ever since and I must add this entry in my blog as an appreciation and thank you to my other half. Here are some pictures we took with the ER34 for my wedding photography. I've just gotten the ER34 for about 3 months then thus it's all still relatively stock.

Thanks Ashley!! :)

Pic 2: Exterior shot

Pic 3: Rear view shot


  1. Good for u!

    I just celebrated my 10th... big screw up.

    Forgot flower, forgot gift, lost our way looking for the restaurant for dinner.. almost ended sleeping outside the house.. :P

    Happy anniversary!

    Make sure that day is specifically for her, no cars, no TT, just fill the day with endless surprises for her! I learned it the HARD way! :(

  2. Yo bro! "Happy 1st Aniversary" to u & Ashley. Wow! How time flies man. It just like I have just attended your wedding yesterday only.

  3. Congrats EJ! You are truly blessed to have found such a compatible companion :)


  4. astroboy, 10 years and going..... Very happy for you. :)

    Jason Ong, yea man. Time really flies eh?

    Thanks for the wishes TK, rych and uncle foo. :)

  5. EJ, you are so blardy lucky. I'm sure a lot guys would like to live your life. You have a nice car & a beautiful wife. I'm jealous. :(



  6. Hey EJ bro, happy 1st year anniversary!
    Wishing you a happy, healthy & prosperous life together...
    Great pics also, giving me ideas for my own wedding pics :)

  7. Bro Russ, thanks. :)
    Need more ideas? Like I said, talk to my wife. Think she talented to be a wedding planner la. Hahaha


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