Sunday, August 17, 2008

Drive It Like You Stole It #09 - Frasiers Hill Revisited

Pic 1: The cars for DILYSI #09

Gosh, my last drive was like way back in March 2008. That’s like about 5 months ago. Needless to say I would have gone rusty in driving and need to get the 'anti-rust' out to rid of it. :P

During this period of time, I had been crazily busy with my own personal life and of course with work. Most weekends are dedicated to the company. like a mad dog, get paid with peanuts. :(

Anyway, with a rare weekend for myself, I decided to call up the guys for some driving fun to de-stress myself. Unfortunately, many of whom are busy or tied up with other stuffs. Lucky sakakida aka Jason and Mun Kit is available. So off we go with Alvin and Yap joining us for the first time to Frasiers Hill.

What cars were there? Well there were 3 ER34s and 1 Subaru Impreza STi Ver. 8 and 1 Satria GTi. Yeap, there were only 5 cars this time round. We set off early Sunday morning to avoid traffic and headed to Frasiers Hill via the usual route of:-

Batu Caves - Ulu Yam - Batang Kali - Kuala Kubu Bharu - The Gap - Frasiers Hill

All in about 200km of pure driving sex fun.

Initially I wasn't feeling too confident with the car after my lug nuts experience and what more with relatively worn tyres at the rear. I guess after a while along the Ulu Yam road, the devil in me got to the head and all hell breaks

Here we go again tearing down the twisties to Frasiers Hill. Hahaha :P
Pic 2: The twisties of Frasiers Hill

The roads were a crazy mix of smooth and rutted surface. Throw in patches of water, wet leaves, fallen branches and sand; we have a great recipe for disaster if one overcooks it. Am glad everyone drove within their own safety margin. Phew....

We reached our usual RV (Rendezvous) point at The Gap at 9:00am sharp. Great timing as the gate opens at 9:00am to 9:40am for the one way up to Frasiers Hill. The one way up to Frasiers Hill was very interesting for us as we managed to even overtake other vehicles in this narrow one lane road. Madness. Hahaha :D

Pic 3: The cars...

Up in Frasiers Hill, we were kinda surprised to see our usual mamak joint closed for renovation (relocated?) but we found a cosy little restaurant called "Hill View" for some excellent and very fulfilling western style breakfast. :P

Pic 4: Breakfast at Hill View Restaurant

After our chit chat session over breakfast, we headed downhill at 10:40am; right before the gate closes for the traffic uphill at 11:00 to 11:40am. Traffic downhill has begun to fill up and we travelled at a slower pace. Had a quick pitstop at the Sg. Selangor Hydroelectric Dam before we continue our journey back to Kuala Lumpur.

Alvin and Yap left the convoy to head back home via the Rawang North South Expressway toll. After they left, things got a bit more interesting. We bumped into a A31 Nissan Cefiro (goldish green bearing the registration plate JXX 8923; anyone knows him?) with a GTR and twin turbo badge at the boot lid. Could it be running a RB26DETT heart? After we overtook the A31, that's when it started to go crazy.

The A31 chased us all the way back to Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur. Jason, Mun Kit and myself were gunning it like a madman. Overtaking traffic even in blind corners and in the middle of the road (in between the car being overtaken and an on passing car on the opposite direction!). Come to think of it, I was like a possessed mad driver. Lucky thing nothing untoward happened and I really hope I won't be as crazy next time. Hahahahaha

Pic 5: Alvin's ER34 with the Impreza STi Ver. 8 at the background

Pic 6: Yap's Subaru Impreza STi Ver. 8

Pic 7: Mun Kit's Satria GTi

Fun? Hell yeah it is super fun and this is the best de-stress session I could have hoped for. :)

Thanks guys for the drive and am glad everyone drove home safe. Till the next's some videos of taken off the ER34. Somehow it looked slower in video. Oh well....shrugs...

Anyone here interested in the next drive? *WINK*

EJ's ER34 Frasiers Hill Part 1/2

EJ's ER34 Frasiers Hill Part 2/2

EJ's ER34 on The Gap (single lane up)


  1. I am interested....oppss....I'm not back home.... :P

    Great that you are apply some anti-rust on yourself :)

  2. yeah..EJ..its's a great ride that day...really enjoy it..u and jason was way too fast up the hill..*salute*...well...just let me know the next drive..i'll be there :P

  3. nicwan8, worries bro. You can ship it back home. LOL :D

    alvint, glad you had fun. Bro, if Yap can't find the replacement wheel arch covers, let me know. I'll help to ask around.

    Bro lufiasism, if only can be like you driving in Japan country sides. It is so much more nicer. If only......sigh... :(

  4. Sigh, even if I shipped it back home, by the time you finish your up and down course, I'm probably just half way up :P

  5. bro.. looks like u had a great drive.... Any chance the pics that I sent you managed to entice the little "adventerous" devil inside u to consider the Destination?

  6. joethurr, yea bro. The pics you sent me was great. I'm enticed but you'll need to lead us there. :P

    So when is your planned dates? :)

  7. anytime from end of this month till mid next month should be fine with me (will have to check with other peeps who wish to join if its convenient for them)... no problem leading you guys there...Shall do some planning soon...

  8. Bud

    U are the guy I met at UMS's isnt it? Its Leon in the blue R33. Didnt know that you were such a speed junkie. Use to do those roads 10 years back but now trying my hand at drifitng. Why not come over to Bukit Jalil and try some sideways action. The rush going sideways at 60 to 80 km is just as good as that on the twisties man. It's in a controlled environment and alot safer. The Ulu yam , twisties on the road bit can get a bid dangerous bud. Overtaking on blind corners ..well...leave that to the college kids man. They think they cant die...hehe. Anyhow, great blog. Leon Tan

  9. joethurr, awaits your plan. :P

    Hi Leon. Yea met you in UMS the other day. Drifting is really not my thing la bro. I really suck at it and don't have a ride to do/practice it. :(

    There is a permanent drift track in Bukit Jalil? Wow... Don't mind going there for a look see. :)

  10. i will come next time with my FD3s, but don expect much, i m don have same skill as Keisuke in initial-d

  11. it was a great sunday drive after a long while... going up hill still pretty scary for me on frasier hill but coming down heheh got infected by the flaming white ER34 and turn evil hahahha

    waiting for next one, oh are you really keen on the GRA next month?


  12. woaychee, no worries man. We are not 'that' hardcore. :P

    sakakida, next time you lead going downhill ok. Hahaha

    On GRA, just had a quick discussion with the powers to be. Don't wanna enter a car that is not ready. Need to find approval with enough budget to enter a 'works' car into competition.

  13. yo EJ,

    nice drive DILYSI! =). Is been a while since I join ya, LOL.

    Let me know when's the next drive. My AE is itching for some touge action after all the drifting session. Take care. =P

  14. Jen Shen, yea bro. It's been a while la. Wokie, will let you know when the next drive is. You gonna drift on the touge? Hehehe :P

  15. Hey eu jin

    Bukit Jalil was a weekly session but its off till after puasa. Cant ask those poor fellows to jaga track in the burning afternoon sun. Anyhow,its great that there is a semi-permenant place to practise. Alot better then doing it on the road. The lamp posts and curbs are alot closer than what we think.

    Will let u know when is the next session. It is alot cheaper than you think . Oh and alot safer too than doing it on the road.


  16. wow EJ dude, that's a whole load of blow-offs uphill...niceee

    dunno y, i can't seem to load the last video..even on youtube itself.. :/

  17. Leon, ok dokie. Keep me informed ya. :)

    nwb, I just tried and the video loaded ok here. Give it another shot. The last video is my fave amongst the three. :P

  18. Oh shit. I just realised the 3rd video is the same as the 2nd video. Just corrected it. Thousand apologies.

  19. yeah just tried, it works now...
    wow...u guys are going downhill rather fast eh....

  20. Overtaking at the Fraser one-way-street?? This is madness o_o Hehe, anyway thanks for dropping by at my blog =) Well, night time touge much more fun =p

  21. EJ, nice touge action there. I likesss.... I love the Gap vid. Is it a on way road? If it is then less danger hor? Nice nice nice...

    Heaven's Cloud, fancy meeting you here as well... I can't agree more bro. I love night touge. It's safer in a way that you can see oncoming headlights farther along the road.

  22. scav, yes The Gap vid is on a one way road.


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