Saturday, August 16, 2008

HKS Super Filter element change

Pic 1: HKS Super Filter element

It's time to change the element on the HKS Super Power Flow DD (Direct Drive). My last change was 4 months ago and it looked really dirty now. I have a couple of spares at home and with a rare weekend where I was free and not working or running errands, it's time to scour my store room to get the HKS Super Filter element (size ~ 200mm) out. :)

The process is very simple really. Remove the 'holding cage' via unscrewing the bolt. Remove the filter element from the 'cage' and chuck it away. Clean up the 'cage' with a wet cloth, fit in the new filter element and screw it back onto the the car. There you go, you're done and ready to go.

My spare HKS Super Filter element is red in colour though. How I wish they came in dark blue. :P

Pic 2: Dirt after 4 months of usage

Pic 3: Remove the 'old' element from the 'cage'

Pic 4: Filter element removed

Pic 5: Comparo between the new element and old new one

Pic 6: The new HKS Super Filter element installed


  1. Your old yellow filter element looks like a bee hive!

  2. woaychee, can't reuse la. HKS recommends it be changed every 3,000 - 5,000km of usage. I've already gone overdue. And the air quality in Malaysia is much much much worst than in Japan.

    transparent101, hehe yea now that you mentioned it. Kinda look like a bee hive. :P

  3. i not even change mine since i bought the car. mechanic told me it will self clean for you when you push the car hard..kekeke..

  4. woaychee, no ler. It have to be replaced. Read the instructions at the back of the HKS Super Filter packaging.

    The Apexi and Blitz ones does not need replacing tho. Better replaced it. :)

  5. Oooohhh, I just changed mine recently too! Actually, not so recent. Changed it on the 2nd of July so slightly over a month already. =) 'HKS Super Filters'

  6. I need to get one too! After reading the comments, I realize its time to change those sponge on my 1 years old HKS Filter. How much does it cost? I'm staying in Singapore though but don't mind getting it from JB


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