Thursday, August 21, 2008

A sneak peek of things to come..........

Pic 1: The rear bumper

Lookie what I have stashed in my store room for the past 4 months. *Grins*

I think it has had enough of it's fair share of isolation and it's time to wipe the dust off and make good use of it. :P

Can you guess what bodykit it is? Any comments on how it looked? I think it's high time to mate it to the ER34.

*Rubs hand in glee*

Pic 2: The side skirts


  1. full Impul 534S in the making eh? kekeke

  2. u naughty little rascal.. hehehe.. looks like u been hiding some goodies from us for 4 months!! hehehe looks nice bro.. can wait to see the completed product..

  3. nwb, 534S? Shall see eh? :P

    joethurr, I would have wanted to haul it out of the store sooner but no time to get it sorted into the ER34 la. Also need to save up to get it fitted and painted. :(

  4. Ooh, eagerly waiting for pictures. =)

  5. ooOoOoOooo.... looking forward to the impulised ER34 of yours.... hehehe


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