Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Some shots of Singapore

Pic 1: Night shot of Singapore skyscrapers

Well, this post is not really related to the ER34 but I was in Singapore for a meeting and took the opportunity to visit some places and snap some shots. Not many pictures as I was only there for a day.

It's crazy to drive in Singapore. Everywhere in the city you go, there goes SGD$2.00 for ERP (Electronic Toll Pricing) and every carpark is freaking expensive. But one thing is really good are that all the carparks, basement carparks included, are very very lowered car friendly.

I also got to see how the lighting system are erected for the world's first night Formula 1 race in Singapore thats taking place from the 26th - 28th September 2008. Driving along some of the roads that would be part of the street racing circuit is interesting indeed. Can't wait to watch the race on TV. :P

Here goes some pictures........

Pic 2: Night shot of Singapore skyscrapers

Pic 3: Ministry of Sound!!!

Pic 4: Damn creative Mini advertising. Cheap too I presume...

Pic 5: Clarke Quay along the Singapore River

Pic 6: Clarke Quay: Check out the old shophouses along the river


  1. Errr....hmmmm ERP (Electronic Road Price)

  2. Bro, according to the LTA (Land Transport Authority) website, it's supposed to stand for Electronic Road Pricing.

    ERP cost sucks doesn't it?

  3. hi,,,

    sounds fun ,but did u met toyol when u was here?

    neway,pls inform if ur coming here again...wish to bring u go kai kai...hehehhe


  4. Yeah ERP really suck leh. Especially when u r in the CBD area.

  5. ry, no bro, I went in there in the afternoon for a meeting and left at night. Did not stay in Singapore. Didn't have much time.

    Go kai kai to speed shops? :P

    Jason, yea bro. How you survive? LOL

  6. Btw, today is Singapore's National Day. Happy 43rd Birthday to my neighbour country down south. :)


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