Friday, August 08, 2008

My Work Emotion XD9 almost flew off the hub !!!

Pic 1: The circles indicates the missing lug nuts. Missing lug nut stud in the green circle

A couple of days ago, I heard some sort of scraping sound coming from the right rear wheel whenever I move off from standstill. After speeds of about 15km/h, the sound disappears and that’s it.

Yesterday somehow, the noise started to get more audible. I thought it was just due to some bushings on the suspension that is worn or something along that line. Peeking under the car reveals all is fine. Boy was I wrong when I inspected the ER34 more thoroughly.

Three of my Rays Engineering Duraluminum lug nuts were missing. Yes it was gone! My immediate reaction was someone stole them when the ER34 was parked in a shopping mall over the weekend. Then it dawned upon me that I could have possibly be hurt IF the remaining two lug nuts did not manage to hold the wheel in place. Worst case scenario is I could be been dead if it flew off while I was barreling down the highway. The wheel could have flung into a motorcyclist or a pedestrian. They would not have stand a chance for survival.

Anyway, that night I took a couple of spare lug nuts from my store room to fit it back in. Only then I realise what could have caused the lug nuts to fly off from the studs. One of the lug nut stud had broken and thus the vibration and stress could have over time slowly unscrewing the lug nuts off the wheel.

Pic 2: Replace missing Rays Engineering Duraluminum lug nuts with ordinary ones

I can only think of 2 possibility of why it happened:-
1) Someone stole off some of the Rays Engineering Duraluminum lug nuts and thus the stress caused one of the studs to break (which I doubt!).
2) The previous shop that removed the wheels failed to tighten one of two of the lug nuts properly and thus the stress caused one of the studs to break.

Pic 3: Can you spot the broken lug nut stud?

Anyway, I thank my lucky stars that nothing untoward happened to me and the ER34. Today I went to my regular mechanic (those who knows me would know where is this place) but are kinda pissed. They don't seem to be interested in fixing 'small' and trivial stuffs like this. I was told to wait until they are free.

C'mon I also have time constraints ok; as I stole some time off my lunch hours. Called up another mechanic I know that specializes in Nissan and drift cars and off I left for the place without a goodbye. Over in the new place my problem was fixed within an hour and off I go.

Now my wheels looked kinda crap with mixed Rays Engineering Duraluminum lug nuts and normal lug nuts. Anyone know where I can source 3 pieces of Rays Engineering Duraluminum lug nuts with M12 X P1.25 thread size??

Pic 4: What is left of the lug nut stud...

Pic 5: The broken lug nut stud will be replaced with a new unit

Pic 6: The Work Emotion XD9 now looks kinda crap with mismatched lug nuts


  1. wah. i m also need to check my lug nut stuf regularly..

  2. EJ,

    Happened to me once. I lost 2 nuts. I suspect someone wanted to steal my rims. Thank god to a diff lock nut.

  3. hi there ... go check out on my blog the RX7 with Veilside bodykit in Penang is already on the road.

  4. looks like fatigued lug nuts.... maybe have tightened a lil too tight on the lugnuts that it might damage it....

  5. woaychee, yea bro. Better check. :)

    nicwan8, thank god you are ok too. We have to ensure our own 2 nuts are not harmed in anyway as well. Hahahaha

    In Love With RX7 FD, that's a cool looking ride bro. When can I see it in its flesh? :)

    bro lufiasism, that might be a potential reason too. My Rays Engineering Duraluminum lug nuts are also kinda worn. Those shops all don't listen to me and used air guns. Grrrr.....

  6. whoa...u r one 'lucky' least that's for the wheel not flying off....

    anyway, i doubt ppl would just steal the lug nuts...especially when there's such a nice piece of wheel... my guess is probably the fella wanted to steal the wheels..but got startled halfway as they were unbolting it...


  7. nwb, steal my wheels? Geez, I dread the thought of that! *shockers* :O

    Lately many ER34s have been broken into. A couple in Kuala Lumpur and also another one in Penang that I just found out today. Getting scary!

  8. Oh dear. That sucks. I hope you get it sorted out mate. =(

  9. aiks, thats the reason i don drive my car to shopping mall.. i rather take LRT.. to tell the truth, is not surprise ppl want to steal your RIM, look so nice, how much?

  10. woaychee, got car also have to take LRT? So suffering mer? Buy a car is to be driven and take you to places not be parked in the garage. Hehehe

    Wheels are costly ler. I got it shipped in from Japan to my house. Need to purchase the exact manufacturers recommended specifications. :P

  11. EJ,

    I would suggest you to use 1 different nut on each of the wheel.

    At least that will deter someone to steal it when they see 1 diff nut.

    Although this might provoke them to smash your car coz you are trying to be a smart arse deterring them from stealing your wheels

  12. nicwan8, I already have lock nuts. They are Rays Engineering 7-sided lug nuts. Needs two adapters to open 'em. :)

  13. wow...after reading it..kinda remind me of 1 of my fren's car...which the nut were nt tighten properly,going 80km/h on slow lane...den suddenly the wheel came off and he spun and hit the middle barrier,which his car stuck at fast lane...luckily got 1 uncle drive motorcyle and help to direct the car to slow down,after awhile..a BMW hit the uncle,luckily he was wearing his helmet...else...fuh....nw whenever he go out,sure he will check the nuts....

  14. Bro,

    Sorry to hear bout your ordeal. Very seldom do lugs break by themselves so I'd say someone was trying to steal your wheel or lug nuts. On a more positive note, time for some Nismo lug bolts? :)

  15. jesus... scary stuff bro.... IMO i think someone tried to steal ur rims.. I always jockey whenever i take the car to shopping complexes.. It's the best we can do to take care of our baby... If still something unwanted happens.. i really dont know what to do..

  16. andrew, it's the lug nut stud that broke. Nismo lug nuts black colour no bling la. Hahahaha

    Actually, Nismo lug nuts are my first choice but at that time can't find 'em in the 'short length' version.

    joethurr, I only jockey park coz the damn car can't go down to most of the shopping malls' basement carpark.

  17. Bro,

    I meant the lugs lar bit the lug nut.. Nismo do sell stronger and longer lug bolts..

  18. Also Nismo lug nuts are made of steel and heavier than the Rays aluminum items..

  19. my car not suitable for some roads. too bumpy on suck road and those bump too high for my car to cross.

  20. woaychee, go everywhere also must plan your route then? Ain't that a drag?


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