Monday, March 10, 2008

Drive It Like You Stole It #08 - Frasiers Hill

Pic 1: The group.......

Frasiers again?? Didn't we just go to Frasiers Hill last weekend? Hehehe... Well, since I was pretty rusty last weekend and many of the guys can't make it last week, why not eh? :P

So guess Mun Kit and myself got our familiarisation done last week on DILYSI #07 and now we can push it a lil bit harder. LOL :D

We have an interesting mix of cars for the drive. There's 2 Nissan Skyline BNR34 V-Spec II, 1 Toyota MR2, 1 Nissan 350Z, 1 Subaru Impreza STi Ver. 8, 1 Satria GTi and myself in the ER34.

Pic 2: Russ and Nicole's Veilside kitted 350Z

It was a day after the Malaysian Election day, and seeing everyone so excited about the drive amidst fears of possible demonstrations was great. Politics aside, driving is such bliss after staying up the night before waiting for announcements of results from the telly and the internet for various constituencies, states seats, parliamentary seats, etc...

Anyway, we took the usual route to Frasiers and luckily for us, traffic was quite sparse that early morning. Just perfect for us to blast through the countryside and the twisties. Razlan in his monstrous BNR34 kept us in our toes to push harder in order to keep up with the beast. This car just pulls away from us effortlessly.

Pic 3: Razlan's monster BNR34 packing in huge horses under the hood....and big brakes too

As per last week, going up and down Frasiers Hill are still on the old format of time schedule based. I wonder when will the new road up are opened again, miss that crazy road with curbs on either side. :P

After breakfast up in Frasiers at our usual joint, we headed to the Jeriau Waterfalls. It has been a while since I've been here, many years ago in fact. Everything looks new to me, as if it's my first time here. :)

To get to the waterfalls, we had to drive our cars through a 4km treacherous single lane road to reach it. Quite scary if you're pushing the car too hard; the ravine doesn’t look too inviting to me.

Pic 4: The Jeriau waterfalls

The water at the falls were kinda murky, it wasn't like that a couple of years ago, wonder what happened to the water source. We did not trek all the way in to the bigger falls though. Instead we just hung out mid-way before we head back out from the falls to meet the 12:00pm timeline to head back downhill.

Traffic has begun to fill the roads on the way down, thus at some point or other we were stuck behind some slower traffic before opportunities came about for us to overtake. After the Gap, we made a pit stop at the Sg. Selangor Hydroelectric Dam for a quick breather before we head back to the urban jungle of Kuala Lumpur. Overall, this was an excellent drive coupled with great companies. I reached home dead tired but pleasently pleased with my morning spend on the twisties. :)

Pic 5: Pitstop at the Sg. Selangor hydroelectric dam

I’ve record a 10 minutes video footage of myself and Razlan’s monster BNR34 going up the Frasiers touge. Do take a look; the video is worth the download. :P

Comments welcomed. :)

Some other pics......

Pic 6: The group at The Gap. My bumper scooped a lot of leaves.....

Pic 7: Hanging out at the Jeriau waterfalls

Pic 8: Touge!!

Pic 9: Staring at the beast??

Pic 10: The 2 R34 GTR V-Spec II

Pic 11: Waits for regrouping.....

Pic 12: Someone runs out of fuel........hehehe


  1. yea man!!! da drive was great!!! altho i hv some problem wif my car during goin up time.... :( n sry to keep u guys waiting for me but luckily its fine when we comin down.... weird scoobydoo.... hahaha.... for the video, notice some "long throw" of flame comin out frm da monster!?!?!? got burn ur bonnet or not?? hahaha... n da monster R34 is darn FAST!!! wif LOUD exhaust!!! no wonder this drive everyone's exhaust is "so quiet"... :p cant wait for da nex one....

  2. how many souveneirs u got on yr bumper & bonnet following behind this monster?:) where's the 350z? suppose to be fast & furious....hehe.

  3. siukeong, your Scooby protesting you trashing her too hard ar? :P

    If you pay attention at 3:04, you can see the BNR34 throwing sparks of fire from the undercarrige too. It scraped the ground. :O

    anonymous, my bumper is literally covered with dead bugs, dead leaves, black soot and and black spots of god knows what!

    The 350Z took it slightly easier coz it's passenger was not feeling too well. uhm... :|

  4. nice trip:D hope can join u all one day:D

  5. Yet another great drive. Weather was quite perfect, with nice dry roads compared to the slight dampness last week.. So much more display of horsepower this time around (erm, mine not counted!) hahah..

    We should do this much more often.. I checked my tyres yesterday, and found out the inside treads were almost gone, though the sides were still meaty.. too much straight road dirving; more corners pls!! :P

  6. yea yea.... we shud do this more often... :)gogogo....

  7. Was watching the video again.. Razlan's R34 has crazy fast acceleration! But then also realised he was never out of EJ's sight lol...

  8. Hey guys, looks like you all enjoyed your drive out there. Wish I could be there but I don't think I'd have the chance to own such cars to keep up in pace... can Myvi be counted in ah ????

    hope to catch up when I get back to KL

  9. This time around I think Munkit & EJ revenge back the twisties after the previous week damp road. Faster than before as the line is still in u guys head. :P


  10. Bro lufiasism. Got chance one. :P
    Bring a beast back from the land of the rising sun. :)

    Bro Isma, you bet. Previous week with you was kinda crap, pedal work sucks and also did not engage a gear fully twice me think. Such embarassment......

  11. Bro MK, I had to work mega extra hard to keep up to the BNR34 in the twisties. Car got a lot of stone chips too. Not to mention a couple on the windscreen. :(

    On the straights sure no chance la....

  12. low speed corners would not favour the skyline...seriously some crazy accell...i wonder how his spec c would be like?

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  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Wahlaueh, sorry long time never visit your blog.. my blog also dead.. been busy with work issues.. hey, the drive was great EJ, whens the next round? The 350Z fast & Furious (though inside stock standard) will be more alive next round guaranteed! lol..
    I like how u mounted your vic cam to the passanger seat headrest..
    U should have another camera to record your footwork & overlay it.. :P
    Think Razlan was a little tired after the long elections night..
    The white BNR, Scooby, MR2 & GTi also very fast lah.. knnccb!! :)

  16. Hey man,

    Nice vid, I didn't know you were taping. Did you have a mounting for your camera or does your gf have like metal arms. Where can I download lah and when's next drive?

  17. I think when Russ finally grows up and takes out the GTR for a drive we'll see some REAL power.

    Man, I had never driven that road before in my life and I was getting bogged down in corners - not enough displacement like Russ lah wei. I think a GTR with stock turbos on that road would be faster since I'm running 1.2 bar its struggling to make boost especially on the last few km before Frasers.

    Or maybe the lack of fuel had something to do with it. =O

  18. Russ, yea mine has been pretty dead too. :P

    Would love to have another vidcam but oh well, that's all I have. Wonder how overlaying is done too.

    [PIMPIN], you can download it by pointing your browser to and download the video via inputing the video URL ""

    For being first time on these roads, you have balls of steels and are darn fast! Hahaha

  19. [PIMPIN], the camera was mounted onto the seat via a device called the cruisecam.


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