Saturday, March 22, 2008

Ganador Super Mirror

Pic 1: The Ganador Super Mirror

I have been eyeing to get myself a pair of used factory side mirrors as spare....just incase some blind motorcyclist decides to side swipe mine off in traffic. :P

The factory ones costs around JPY 6,000 (used) excluding local domestic courier costs in Japan and international courier costs to Malaysia. Not exactly very cheap when one accounts in the postage charges.

One fine day I chance upon these nice pair of Ganador Super Mirror (Part Number SM-26FBL) with blue lens for sale. Hmmm.....really tempting indeed and somehow or rather I got it pretty much based on impulse. :P These are the same mirrors used on D1 Grand Prix, SuperGT, SuperTaikyu and Gymkhana races in Japan.

The Ganador Super Mirror is electric and uses the back factory wiring harness for the mirrors. It also bolts on to the stock factory holes. Basically, it's just plug and play. The unit I got came with blue mirrors and it's kinda curved (convex?); thus even with the smaller size, the view out is actually pretty good.

Installed it myself over the weekend and below is how it looks like on the car. So guess I don't need to get myself a spare side mirrors now eh? :)

So what do you think?

Pic 2: The ER34 stock mirrors

Pic 3: Comparing the stock and Ganador mirrors

Pic 4: Got to remove the door panels to change the mirrors

Pic 5: In goes the Ganador version

Pic 6: Done!

Pic 7: A closer look

Pic 8: The final look - side

Pic 9: The final look - front


  1. Superb! Clean and high performance look, good job EJ!

  2. nice...but can take a pic from the driver side?coz wan to see how does it look like when the driver look at it..and wanted to see the blue lens...hehe

  3. Thanks TK. I reckon it looked pretty good too. Even my wife liked it when she drove the ER34 :P

    Da Devil, pic 5 has a view of the mirror. If you need a better view, I can email it to you. :)

  4. wooo
    ganador! definitely my fav wing mirrors out there.

    good choice. looks damn nice =)

  5. Nice Ej.. much better than stock for sure... looks like mine.. except mine not cf.. :(

  6. Russ, actually initially I would rather have it body coloured. Afraid that it will look weird. But after a while, it kinda grows on me, and I guess the black CF will do just fine. :P

  7. Black goes well with white as a contrast... just as the gaps in the bumper vents are black and the wondows/windscreens are black... the cf also matches your new side pillar garnish.. ;)

  8. And what about a CF hood to match? Muahahahaha

  9. Can... a lot of white BNRs out there with CF hoods.. dont look too bad at all ;) im not sure about the cf wing tho..

  10. I only can wish on the CF hood. :( not a fan of those GT CF wings too.

  11. haha.. not a fan of those ganador.. prefer the stock ones better.. and for the cf hood, pehhhh it will look damnnn goood !!

  12. rehet34, well I also wish for the CF hood. :(

  13. well, look nice wor. doest it fit in fd3s?

  14. woaychee, yes Ganador have a version for the FD3S as well.


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