Thursday, March 06, 2008

Nismo Carbon Pillar Garnish

Pic 1: The Nismo Carbon Pillar Garnish

I bought these Nismo Carbon Pillar Garnish (Part Number 99993-RNR40) exactly 11 months ago. Stashed it in my store room all this while until I took it out and decided to had it installed onto the ER34. The piller garnish is made of carbon fibre and glues on top of the factory piller via some ultra sticky glue.

Looks good or no difference? Oh well, might as well use it since it has been lying around in my room collecting dust. :P

Pic 2: A closer look

Pic 3: The stock factory piller

Pic 4: The piller with the Nismo Carbon Pillar Garnish


  1. SLurrrrp!!! Wish Nismo made this for the N16

  2. Looks damn nice
    if only racecraft have something like this for a satria

  3. Bro Andrew, you can custom made one for the N16. :P

    Jason, hmmmmm.....can propose to them ma. :)

  4. Bro EJ,

    No one to do it for me. My bro working on carbon is no longer doing this stuff. Sigh..


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