Thursday, July 24, 2008

WTF! A packet of condom near the ER34?

Pic 1: Of condoms and skylines

I woke up this morning to get to work and guess what beholds me when I walked to the ER34? It's bloody f@#king unbelievable but there it was lying on the ground next to the driver's door of the ER34 a packet of opened Durex with the condom lying next to it, and cosily beside it is a piece of white tissue paper.


Geeez!!! I wonder what the hell happened there the night before. I quickly kicked the condom away to the car next to mine. Yucks....

Did someone tried to have an intercourse with the exhaust of the ER34? Muahahahaha


  1. omg that's so gross ok =.="
    will surely f*cked up my appetite after seeing it lying next to my car.
    I think u better bring ur car for a wash. There's a possibility that they "do" on ur car :p

  2. haha... the setbacks of having a beautiful car!

    prolly someone was getting it on in the car parked next to urs.

  3. Gosh...maybe someone has the "hots" for your car. He gets turn on by looking at your car :P

  4. ej,
    OMG... i know u love ur car so much.... hihihihihi...

  5. that's sick...

    hehe did u check your ride for hand prints? or..err b*tt prints?..keke j/k

    damn... some ppl just can't get a room for it... :P

  6. aiyoyoyoyoyoyo......

    ej,this really means somethings....

    someone trying to tell u something...

    wht is that ha?....

    condom near ur car on FRIDAY????


  7. Ha ha skylines are sexy , thats y ppl are wanking off to your car :P

  8. Weird eh to find a condom lying next to your car early in the morning. LOL :D

    Wanking or getting it on next to the car? I hope not but the condom is "empty". So guess it's unloaded. Hahaha

  9. bro... I hate to be the one to break it to u... but looks like your er34 is no longer a virgin...

  10. joethurr....muahahaha. Cherry was popped!

  11. ahahahahahaha.... dam funny man!!

  12. Bro,

    For all you know da chick could've been sprawled all over your car while being banged. Gross! :P


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