Friday, July 18, 2008

I love flames !!!

No, I don't mean flame grilled burgers but rather, exhaust flames! Check out these flames coming out from the ER34 during a dyno session. Yeeeehaaaaa.... :P

Pic 1: Flaming hot!


  1. Wow EJ, when you said "nice pic" to me earlier tonight you certainly were not kidding... break out the barby!

  2. wow..looks cool... i mean 'hot'..hehe
    any video?

  3. hi

    wahhhhhhhhhh so garang lei!!!!!!!

    thats mean fast to me...


  4. wah.. petrol run too rich? eujin, just replace new ECU?

  5. d, some barby and a couple of Fosters eh? :P

    andrew, yea man...flames away. Who needs a flame thrower kit now? Hehe

    nwb, yes got video. The image is extract from a video. :)

    ry, unfortunatly the ER34 is not that fast. It's still pretty much stock.

    woaychee, still stock ECU. I wish I have a standalone. :(
    The darn car is actually running lean at high revs. I hope for it to run 12 but no fuel management device at the moment.

  6. Wat's the magic Number....? :)

  7. yeah bro.... whats the results of the dyno?

  8. fuar!! i shud image capture mine on the dyno too!

  9. Hi EJ. Superb car u have there. Dazzling in fire..ehehe..

    Can i ask u a question. Is Nissan Skyline R33 GTS are easy to the spare part easily to be find in Malaysia, perhaps in KL or Penang.

    Thank you EJ for your answer to my layman question here ehehe...My email :

  10. hahaha... whats the magic number... ????

  11. wah...perfect timing...and the flame look evil...haha.....nice..

  12. Take care of your bumper now!
    (that is, if you still want it to look white! :P)

  13. bro leftrightleft, joethurr and rehet34, the magic number? If big numbers then I tell you la but the car is relatively stock. Figures are like stock factory claimed. :(

    Zul, yea man do an image capture. :P

    Thanks anonymous. ECR33 parts will be a lesser issue than the ER34. Penty of half cuts around if you need anything urgent and can't get it new. Me still looking for some parts with no luck. :(

    da devil, cheers man!

    transparent101, the bumper needs to be waxed else it'll be yellowish all the way to the area around the rear lights. :O

  14. bro.. If i am not mistaken your car could be hitting 300atf with the mods you have done..lovely flames...

  15. joethurr, but I wish it could be 300atw. :P

  16. we both wish for the same thing :)... but it takes quite some $$ and precision to reach there...All the best bro..

  17. wah.. high rev run too lean ar.. dangerous...hmm.. 12 consider good for piston engine.. my little white's afr is 10 when 7000-8000rpm....


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