Sunday, July 06, 2008

Another go at the rear wheel bearings

Pic 1: Nissan branded rear wheel bearings

Another update on my rear wheel bearing issue. I returned back the previous bearing (Part No. 43210-AA100) and found some replacements; Nissan rear wheel bearings with the part number 43281-AA100 for the left side and 43280-AA100 for the right side. Yes the left and right part is different. However, the difference is not in design but rather just the placement of a single screw. Thanks to bro Alan and Satigue for the part number confirmation.

Pic 2: L to R: 43280-AA100 and 43281-AA100

Immediately I registered the ER34 into the workshop for it to be installed and be rid of the irritating humming noise from the wheels. It has now gotten worst and starts making a racket at speeds as low as 60km/h.

When I finally thought my ordeal is over with my bearing issue, I got thrown a curve ball. These new bearings are exactly the same as the factory ones EXCEPT the middle hole is a little bit bigger thus my hub can't fit in 100% without free play.

There goes another effort and labour cost down the drain for me.

Ahhhh.....the "joys" of owning a JDM......

Pic 3: The new bearings on top of the old one. Red circle represents the bigger internal diameter of the new bearing

Pic 4: The factory wheel bearing

Pic 5: This is where the wheel bearing bolts on to


  1. yeah.. we really "enjoy" when our car in workshop...

  2. where did you get the bearings to buy.
    i am in need off both sides urgently. any help would be greatly appreciated thanks

  3. Hi Anonymous. Email me at eujin[at]hotmail[dot]com.

    Will assist from there. Cheers.

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