Monday, July 14, 2008

Japanese ER34 Police Car

Pic 1: The Police ER34 half-cut

A bud of mine told me about a halfcut of an ER34 that used to serve the Japanese as a Police Patrol Car. Of course, when the time permits, off I go to check it out. Yeap, the Japanese Police uses high powered vehicles as pursuit vehicles. You'll find cars like Honda NSX, Subaru Impreza, Subaru Legacy, Mitsubishi Lancer, Nissan Skyline, Mazda RX-7 in various prefectures for highway patrols and pursuit uses.

Of course the average patrol cruisers are large sedans, although small compact and micro cars are used by rural police and in city centers where they are much more maneuverable around those tight alleys.

Kinda cool how one of these Police cars ended up as a halfcut in our car yard here in Malaysia. :P

Pic 2: This is how life is for the ER34 before it meet it's doom.

Pic 3: The Police ER34 half-cut


  1. interesting... bro do go and check it out.. Let me know if there are any interesting parts worth scavenging... hehehe

  2. joethurr, I went there already and took those pictures. The car is stock standard and the owner want to sell it off as a package, i.e. as a whole halfcut and not individual parts off it.

  3. What cars are PDRM using at the moment?

    There are several high powered vehicles used as unmark cars here as well; R33, Chrysler 300c, Liberty GT. The usual patrol cars are v8 Holden commodores and TRD Aurion

  4. PDRM? Hmmm....usually Wira and Waja for their patrol cars. Some uses Kancils for smaller towns.

    Perdana V6s are used for highway patrols. However, there are some X-Trail, Civic Hybrids, 850R, etc...

    I remember being chased by a Ford Falcon when I was in Perth. Was speeding circa 160km/h on country roads heading down south of WA. :P

  5. Lol...not sure about what cars they use in WA :) as you know, different states, different

    I heard QLD fleet are fast. Their Liberty GT manage to pursuit R34 on the highway

  6. just curious... how much is the owner asking for??

  7. joethurr, not sure bro. Did not ask for the price. It was raining when I was there thus just took a quick look and off I go.

  8. tats sounds too standard for bolehland driver's ..hehehehe

  9. eu jin,saw a ER34 gtt manual for sale in zth today? i think u might know the owner...any tips for me?


  10. ry, yea satigue's ride? Well, go and take a look man. No obligations ma. Personally I love the GTR look and you got the GTR wing too!

    I can only dream of the GTR wing. :P

  11. GTR wing soooooooooo expensive....


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