Friday, May 18, 2007

Rays Engineering lightweight Duraluminum lug nuts

Well, with my soon-to-be-installed Work Emotion XD9 wheels which leaves the lug nuts exposed, I can't be using the stock ones which looked pretty crap eh? :P

Pic 1: Rays Engineering Duraluminum lug nuts

Pic 2: Rays Engineering Duraluminum lug nuts

So I got myself a set of the lightweight forged Duraluminum lug nuts from Rays Engineering. These lug nuts are extremely strong and ultra light. It's only 0.8 oz each! (about 22.6 gms).

The Rays lug nuts also feature one 7-sided lug nut per wheel. These heptagonal nuts look stock from a distance, but can only be removed with the specially designed socket that comes with the set. These will act as the lock nuts to protect the wheels from theft.

The lug nuts are available in anodized red, blue, or black. I got the blue ones. Afterall, it matches the blue Work V29R2 wheel valves and my blue painted Sumitomo calipers. :P

For the ER34, ones have to ensure to get the correct specifications, which is the M12 X P1.25 thread size.

Will update when I get my wheels and lug nuts installed.

Stay tuned.......

Pic 3: Top view of the lock nut

Pic 4: Front end of the lock nut

Pic 5: Rear end of the lock nut


  1. Wah! Rays Engineering. It's my favourite brand for wheels. Make sure u keep the socket properly. Once lost, even the tyre guys find it difficult to remove thw wheels. I had this experience before.

  2. Next I guess is the tyres rite. Any particular brand? May be Toyo Proxes T1?

  3. Yes am looking at a few models.

    And yes Proxes T1-R is in my list as well. :P

  4. Was told those aluminium lugs can melt under extreme heat and got stuck with the bolts. Very messy..

    Don't know how true..

    ~ astroboy

  5. kl, is it? Thats not good! :O

    Have not heard anything of that sort but shall keep an eye out.....

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Dunno how much $$$ u spend on your lugs but those selling in ENEOS at RN200 per pack from K'Speed is certainly of a more inferior brand.

    I think those are more likely to melt.. :P

  8. Eh, astroboy when you free to meet up with us anyway? :)

    Actually those K-Speed ones looks not to bad too. My set should set one back around RM450.00

  9. I stay at Damansara Utama and am going home everyday afterwork. As long as you'll can let me reach home before 8pm, I'm all yours.. :P

    My office hour ends 5.30pm in Shah Alam.

    Prefered TT time is after 5.30pm, before 8pm, everyday!

    Prefered TT location is between Shah Alam and Damansara Utama.. :P

    All types of TT welcome!

  10. Opppss.. my contact.. 012-2977813

    Lonely female don't call me because u r risking your life.. My wife is a black belt kick a** martial artist..


  11. Oh yah, ej, u hv 20 nuts while those selling in ENEOS on 4x4 = 16.. :P

  12. astroboy, what your timing a bit out la. :P

    But nevermind perhaps one day la. I also work in Shah Alam (Glenmarie).

    Btw, I only have 2 nuts. Hehehehe

  13. Better still.. we can tt near the RECARO office there.. Near the Glenmarie Shell..

    There got few big mamak stall..

    5.45pm.. any working day evening would do.

    Call me. U have my number ;)

    Let me hv a closer look at your nuts.. :P

  14. Btw, Recaro Glenmarie shifted to Sunway already.

    Sure it'll be fine to meet there. :)

    Add me in if you have MSN.

  15. No wonder I didn't notice seeing that shop there lately, only notice the THULE roof carrier shop.. :P

    I use YahooMSG wor.. ID: klchew88

    Call me lar.. we can meet at Shell..


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