Thursday, May 10, 2007

NISMO Shift Knob & Hippo Sleek Carbon Fibre Look Boot

I got myself some bling for the interior. What started off as a search for a replacement cover for the handbrake lever turns out more than the initial plan. Instead got 3 items to dress up the interior of the ER34 just a tad 'lil bit.

Got myself the below:-
1) Hippo Sleek Carbon Look Handbrake Lever Boot
2) Hippo Sleek Carbon Look Gear Lever Boot
3) NISMO Shift Knob (Part No. 32865-RN007)

Pic 1: Hippo Sleek Handbrake Lever Boot

Pic 2: Hippo Sleek Handbrake Lever Boot

Pic 3: Hippo Sleek Carbon Look Gear Lever Boot

Pic 4: Hippo Sleek Carbon Look Gear Lever Boot

Pic 5: NISMO Shift Knob

Pic 6: NISMO Shift Knob

The Hippo Sleek Carbon Look series covers the Handbrake Lever Boot, Gear Lever Boot and the armrest/centre console cover. I only got the 1st two items for my ER34. These stuffs looks really cool. Almost look like the fabric version of carbon fibre. Can't get 'em here anywhere in Malaysia. :P

To install the items, I removed the whole centre console. There's two pieces in total. One piece around the gear lever and the other one is the huge piece that runs to the rear of the car (which includes the armrest as well).

With the whole centre console off the car, one can then start to remove the stock items and replace it with the Hippo Sleek version. Not really tough to do but just a little bit time consuming to ensure all is fitted well and proper.

After refitting back the console, in goes the NISMO Shift Knob (Part No. 32865-RN007). The knob is made out of Duracon and fits screw size of 10mm and 12mm. I got the black colour version to withstand heavy usage better. The package even comes with shift pattern stickers (5 speed and 6 speed). Did not use them though. :)

You can't imagine how nice the NISMO Shift Knob feels. It's sort of like were moulded to fit your palm spot on. Excellent stuffs!!

Here are some pics of the install.

Pic 7: This is how it looks like from the factory

Pic 8: Remove the gear shifter cover

Pic 9: Gear shifter cover out

Pic 10: Gear shifter cover assembly

Pic 11: Got to remove the bracket that holds the original boot cover in place

Pic 12: The three little things that holds the boot cover

Pic 13: Hippo Sleek Carbon Look Gear Lever Boot on the Gear shifter cover assembly

Pic 14: Hippo Sleek Carbon Look Gear Lever Boot with NISMO Shift Knob

Pic 15: Centre console removed

Pic 16: Centre console with stock handbrake lever boot

Pic 17: Centre console with Hippo Sleek Carbon Look Handbrake Lever Boot

Pic 18: All Done. Hippo Sleek and NISMO items to bling out the interior

So what do you all think? I hope it's not too ricey....... :O


  1. Hmm... Not bad. How about the handbrake handle? Consider changing it to bring up more bling?

  2. Well unfortunatly NISMO does not have one for the handbrake lever. If they have, I would have got it already. :P

    So I'll leave it as it is. :)

  3. Wow.. looks like carbon fibre.. nice.. I have the same nismo knob but I found it too small at first.. but gotten used to it already.. hehe..
    Too bad cant get those CF sleeves here in M'sia.. :( Must see how it looks like in real life.. probably better than in pictures..

  4. Russ, yea in real life, it looks better.

    I guess the flash is too strong, the reflection spoils it. :(

  5. It does look ricer, lol...How about changing your handbrake stitches to red in color? Like the GTR keke

    you got that too russ? like you say ej everybody is having it. So, should I join the club? lol. How's the movie that day russ?

  6. hehe.. red handbrake stitches? I think so... the movie okay lar... not as good as I expected.. Spiderman 2 was better i think...
    *sigh, I miss my car*

  7. anonymous, identify yourself! :)

    Got it from Japan.


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