Friday, May 18, 2007

18 inch Work Emotion XD9 Wheels

Yes!!! I got new wheels!!! I ordered a set of the Work Emotion XD9 from Japan (many people think I’m mad to order all of my parts in myself ... hahaha). It took a bloody 6 weeks to arrive from the date of booking to arrival in Malaysia via ship. Damn! That’s a long wait..... :(

Pic 1: The Work Emotion XD9 packaging

I got the below specifications of the Work Emotion XD9:-
Front - 18×8.0JJ+35 5H-114.3
Rear - 18×9.0JJ+38 5H-114.3

Of course many know my dream wheels are the NISMO LMGT4 but with it costing twice as much for what I had purchased, that does not seem to be a possible choice. As of now, my bank account is already depleting faster than the Shinkansen's speed!

Pic 2: This is how the wheels came like in the box

Pic 3: Removed the protective cover and there's the wheels!

With the wheels, I'll be choosing a staggered wheel format; i.e. the rear will sport a bigger width. Yes I'm aftering that FR look on the ER34. :)

These wheels will be wrapped with tyres of the below sizes:-
Front - 225/40/18
Rear - 255/35/18

What tyres you ask? Well I had a few choices in mind. Will blog about that after I fitted them onto my car. So stay tuned for that ...... :P

I also took the opportunity to weigh the wheels on my trusty electronic scale. The front weighs 10.7kg each while the rear weighs 11kg each. Not exactly light but hey ... it's not a NISMO wheel ok? So can't complain too much there.

The wheels I procured is bronze in colour (Colour code: MHG). It's also available in Chrome (WMB), Metallic Grey (MGS) and white (WHT). I choose bronze because I felt it looks best on the ER34's white QM1 factory paint. Co-incidently, my previous Prodrive GC-06 wheels on my previous car is also of the same colour.

Pic 4: Work V29R2 wheel valves

I'm utterly surprised that the wheels came with the Work V29R2 wheel valves. The are anodised in a nice cool blue colour. These will set one back JPY 1,500 if I'm not mistaken. The centre cap is optional and costs JPY 3,000. I did not get the center cap though. I prefer the centre hub exposed ... it gives that racy look to the car.

Initially I was slightly dissapointed with the wheels as I thought the deep dish would have been deeper but guess I'll have to get a different offset if I had wanted that. The size and offset that I got was actually the recommended specifications for the ER34 from Work Company Ltd itself, so I guess one can't go wrong with that.

More pics below. So what do you think of the wheels???

Pic 5: Work Emotion XD9 wheels

Pic 6: A closer look. Those decals are fluorescent and glows in the dark!

Pic 7: Embossed WORK logo

Pic 8: Fat wheels?

Pic 9: All 4 wheels together

Pic 10: Warranty card and information booklet


  1. ~orgasmic~ I think I just came in my pants~~~ =| lol

  2. Good set of rims. Can't wait to see it when it fits with the tyres on your ER34.

  3. hey.. been reading ur blog quite awhile.. just curious bout all this procuring of items from japan? is there a significant amount of money saved by doing this? how bout customs and all?

    oh btw nice rims.. was initially thinking getting the XD7 for my scooby but changed my mind..


  4. Hi lude, thanks for reading. :)

    Some items I saved quite a bit; provided I did not get taxes and/or taxed significantly.

    Some is more or less the same while there's some you can't even get it here. Sure the local shops can order for you, but it'll take them 6 weeks to 3 months depending on which shop you go to.

    If one has to wait that long, why not just do it ownself?

    Btw, you with the Scooby group? Then you should know the 2 Scoobies that goes to drives with us. :P

  5. Can't wait to see the weight comparison between your "OEM" and this beautiful "Works" of art.. :D

  6. That the problem, I dunno how much the OEM one weighs. :(

    Anyone have any idea?

  7. nice looking rims, sure look good on ur white gtt... :)

  8. Hi EJ. Can i know how to order japan rim directly like u did. Tq


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