Monday, May 21, 2007

Drive It Like You Stole It #05- Frasiers Hill

Yes, for Drive It Like You Stole It #05 (DILYSI), we went to my favourite route, Frasiers Hill!!!

The usual route is taken, i.e
Batu Caves - Ulu Yam - Kuala Kubu Baru - Batang Kali - The Gap - Frasiers Hill

Pic 1: The group enroute to Frasiers Hill

For this drive, we have 2 ER34, 2 Smart (a Roadster and a ForTwo), 1 WRX Sti Version 8 V Limited and 1 Satria GTi. It's interesting to note how the rest of the cars fare against the lighter and more nimble Smart.

While we were blasting considerable faster on Ulu Yam, Kuala Kubu Baru and on the Batang Kali road, the Smart proved it's capabilities on the twistier roads leading to The Gap and up to Frasiers Hill.

At some straighter stretch, the ER34s touched 200km/h!! That's madness on B-roads. Hahahaha......

I have to give it to the Smart; those lightweight small capacity turbocharged little midget of a car is crazy on the twisties. They can brake at the very last moment (at times no need to brake at all!) prior to charging into a tight corner. They can even stay in the middle of the road (on the dividing line) to overtake cars. :O

I even saw the ForTwo overtaking on the left via the road shoulder. Crazy dude!! Hahahaha

Pic 2: At Frasiers Hill

Pic 3: Time for breakfast

Upon reaching Frasiers Hill, we stopped at our regular stall for breakfast and a bit of a breather before we head back down. This 150km drive consumed quite a bit of petrol as I stayed on the higher revs most of the time. This trip took up 3/4 of my 65 litres fuel tank. Damn!!! :O

Here are some pictures of the day.....

Pic 4: The group at Frasiers Hill

Pic 5: At The Gap

Pic 6: Parked at The Gap

Pic 7: Jason ran out of water for his intercooler water spray yet again!

Pic 8: Don't mess with this Scooby

Pic 9: Waiting for the rest to regroup

Pic 10: A view of the lake


  1. you know what i notice very different from all the trips we went to frasier hill....

    you got a picture of the lake hahahaha


  2. Hahahaha......actually this is the first time I've actually stopped there!!!

    So was it an enjoyable drive? :P

  3. Drive with some sense in your head AhJin..u know wat I mean.

  4. Driving up was slower than previous, esp on Ulu Yam roads due to some traffic. I think my showing up late at rendezvous point could have contributed to this; many apologies to all!

    Then I got stuck behind a Camry right from beginning of Gap all the way up for a good 10 mins or so. Doing average of 30kmh only :(

    Coming down was fun! :D Was pushing abt 8/10 & mustering up all concentration just to keep up, esp at the Gap - Batang Kali twisties tailing EJ. Really needed to be in the proper gear to maximise the powerband. Once I found myself in a wrong, higher gear, and immediately EJ pulled away.

    Overall, a very good drive. The dimunitive Smarts were much bigger than they looked on these twisties. I must remember to give way when seeing their lights in my back mirror next time! ;)

  5. uncle foo, yea next drive must slow down a bit already. :P

    Mun Kit, ya lor, we started off later than usual thus a tad bit more traffic la. No worries .....

    You're fast! Kept on sticking to my tail on the way down. Darn.... :P

  6. Ahem... so he's doing the road-shoulder overtaking stunt again, huh? Can't say I agree with it.

    On the fuel consumption side, hehe, smarts have enough to go home and go to work for the following week. Hehehe!

  7. ruopeng, your Roadster is really economical, small engine capacity coupled with a lightweight body makes all the differences. :)


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