Monday, May 14, 2007

NISMO Oil Filler Cap

Pic 1: NISMO Oil Filler Cap Packaging

Pic 2: NISMO Oil Filler Cap (Front)

Pic 3: NISMO Oil Filler Cap (Rear)

There's nothing wrong with the stock oil filler cap but since I was in Japan and impulse buying got the better of me, I ended up with the NISMO Oil Filler Cap (Part No. 15255-RN012).

Removed my stock ones and in goes the NISMO unit. It's made of solid billet and enhances the engine's appearance quite a bit, eh? :P

Pic 4: NISMO Oil Filler Cap installed

Pic 5: A closer view

Pic 6: This is the stock version


  1. Haha, this cap looks a lot better than the stock one... solid billet, but most of all 'Nismo'.. looks a lot better than my HKS one.. :(

  2. Sell off the HKS one and get this! Hehehe :P

  3. hehe update the "other" stuff la, you know what I mean ;) I would prefer something much bigger and rounder than that "small" cap. lol

    anyway thanks for the help today..appreciate it =)

  4. The 'other' stuff is curently acting as a deco in my hall, next to my TV set. :P

    No worries la. Will be dropping by the place during lunch time to take a look. Update you then.

  5. Apart from aesthetical value, may I know the performance advantage of using such caps?

    Maybe.... when engine heated up and expand, the alloy cap expand at the same rate compare the OEM plastic caps, which expand at slower rate resulting in gaps allowing oil to leak out?


  6. Hi astroboy, as far as I know it's looks great under the hood. But your theory is interesting indeed.

    Btw, when you wanna join us for a drive? :P

  7. Yep, some people care what underpants they wear :X It gives a boost to confidence.. :P

    Invite me 10 years ago, I would have join u guys but now, can only check out and admire your interesting outings.. :(

    Until probably the day when I purchase a fat life insurance policy with her as my beneficiary kua.. :/

    ~ astroboy


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