Friday, May 11, 2007

Polarg B1 Hybrid M4 Bulbs

Pic 1: Stock factory yellowish side marker lights

Pic 2: Stock factory M4 bulbs

The ER34 comes stock with the run of the mill bulb for the side markers. It's yellow in colour and looks a bit out of place next to the bright white HID beam that the headlight throws out.

I wanted to replace it many months ago but did not get to do so because I was lazy to look for a good replacement; and I had doubt I will be able to find something that will fit my expectations.

Pic 3: The Polarg B1 Hybrid M4 Packaging

Pic 4: Comparison between factory and Polarg M4 bulbs

But lo and behold, one fine day I come across a set of M4 bulbs from Polarg (Part No. P8713W). Now this is good quality bulbs from Japan. Got a set of the 12V 5W M4 bulbs and replaced my old set. The blubs is blue in colour but actually gave out white lights.

It's pretty simple to install actually, yank out the bulb socket, pull out the stock bulbs and insert the Polarg version in. Job done in a couple of minutes. Oh by the way, I saw some PIAA variants and those are LED versions that costs like 9 or 10 times more than what I had procured. Go figure..... :O

Here is how it looks like.

Pic 5: Polarg M4 12V 5W bulb

Pic 6: Side marker fitted with Polarg bulb


  1. Wah look nicer & brighter bulbs. How about adding some Angel Eyes to your headlight? I saw a few Skylines in JB here install. Not bad leh.

  2. Angel eyes? Nah, I'll leave that to the BMWs. :)

    Speaking of which, BMW with Devil Eyes looks really menacing.

  3. I tried LED (cost me RM10/pair) but it looks horrible as LED is shoot straight type. So the effect is narrow and not appealing.

    Yours looked GREAT!


  4. hmm.. not bad... very bright.. seriously have to consider.. :)

  5. Wah this is good promo for Polarg. After this post, got 2 people installed it and another 2 more looking to do so.

    Polarg should give me free bulbs!! Hahaha


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