Saturday, October 11, 2008

Rust at strut tower area

Pic 1: Time for polishing....

I just drop by my painter to check on the ER34. The newly painted ER34 just started it's polishing process and all the new body parts have been painted as well. Now, we are waiting for the delivery of new wire mesh for the front bumper. I've left it open before and scooped up crazy amount of leaves during our hill drives. So lesson learned; best to wire mesh up your air dams. :)

Pic 2: Some rust at the strut tower area

On another development, there were some rust on the strut tower area in the engine bay which were there when I got the car. Since the ER34 is at the painters', might as well get it sorted once and for all. Of course some part of the engine bay will be repainted. As you can imagine, this will take an additional couple of days.

Looks like she is going to be stuck at the painters for another week before it is all done up. Since I'll be flying off abroad tonite, I think I'll only be able to see the final outcome on the 4th week of this month. Shucks!!

Pic 3: Spoiler-less also looks good eh?


  1. ahh.. bro... i can just imagine.. u must be really missing your baby...
    but whats sweeter than returning to a finished product? coming back from your overseas trip is gonna be full of excitement on your side :)

  2. hmm....spoiler-less...kinda unique...tat day after sg.besi toll,follow a blue R34 wif small ducktail...kinda nice...muehehe

  3. wow, ej, a total repaint.. cant wait to see the final result and also how she looks climbing up the fraser hill road... ;) enjoy your overseas trip bro, cheers.

  4. 4th week of this month? Wor.... is quite long for me to waiting it:). really hope can see your wife as soon as possible, cheers jin.

  5. joethurr, yea man. Suffering here and missing my babe! :(

    da devil, duck tailed R34? Wow, did you managed to snap a pic?

    Thanks Russ and prince. :)

  6. erm...long time ago...nex time saw it when i go nilai will snap it...hehe...

  7. Bro, the car looks better by the day. Patience!

    I'm also intending to get the bumper and bonnet of the Slowtra painted. Too much gravel rash and pinholes from lorries during highway driving :(

  8. Bro andrew, yea but too bad not there to see it happen daily. But I did see some interesting new vehicles over where I am now and also new technologies yet to be introduced in cars of the future. Will update blog when I am back.

  9. lucky is u...u got my dream car..!! a skyline R34!!!!

    btw...i have added u in my blog...

    mind to share how much u bought ur little skyline?? hehe

  10. Blow Water Guy 吹水佬, thank you so much.

    The price I got the ER34 is about the market price now.


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