Tuesday, October 07, 2008

ER34 makeover update

Pic 1: The ER34 in the spray booth - front view

Popped by my painter today to take a look at how the ER34 is doing. She is finally painted after 13 days with my painter. Geeez! Told you he is slow with his work. LOL :D

I guess it will be end week before I get hold of her. There's still a lot to be done before the ER34 is ready to hit the roads. Oh by the way, I've sold off my IMPUL 534S front bumper. Instead I've replace it with my other spare unit. Yes I have 2 of the bumpers. :P

Here are some pictures of her in the spray paint booth after an hour or so after painting.

Pic 2: The ER34 in the spray booth - rear view

Pic 3: The front of the ER34

Pic 4: The rear of the ER34

Pic 5: My new front and rear bumpers :)


  1. Nice Jin
    keep the white color:)
    From your pictures, your car look like been frozen.

  2. prince, by golly you are right. Looks like it's in a winter wonderland. LOL :D

  3. i believe one of the best looking GTT is coming to storm the city soon..hehe..cheers bro on ya ride..

  4. bro.... ur beauty is gonna look even more beautiful now... arghhh!! *jealous*... btw.. tokyo is so expensive.... my funds are drying up by the hour... maybe i should stop drinking :(

  5. Patience Bro! It's coming along nicely :)

  6. alvint, there are a lot of nice GTT around. Mine is too stock to be considered so. :(

    joethurr, you're still in Tokyo? Stop drinking and start hitting the tuner shops. LOL :D

    bro andrew, not entirely smooth sailing tho. Will update...

  7. even yours are stock bro..but u got my vote as the best looking GTT i had ever seen..

    cheers..1 vote for you..anyone wanna vote for his ride??hehe

  8. oh no...ur car is gona be whiter than mine haha!

    lookin good man. a couple of those 100 rwhp mad fast and furious stickerzzzzz and off u go!

  9. Zul, just in time for the planned photoshoot?? :P

    Not too fond of stickers bro. Don't want any "shopping list" stickers on the car. LOL :D


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