Wednesday, October 22, 2008

ER34 is out from the painters

Pic 1: The ER34 being washed before another layer of wax are applied

Yes I know. Finally the ER34 is done at the painters. After calculating, it has spent 28 days at the paint shop. Yes it is extensive work but you've got to see the car to believe the amount of tender loving care that has been put in. The entire exterior of the car is painted, the engine bay, the inner side of the boot, all rusts been removed and even quite a number of metal black parts in the engine bay are painted.

To top if off, after it was all done, the ER34 was groomed with Meguair's Professional Series and also Autoglym products. As a final touch before the car was released to me, it was further treated with Meguair's NXT Generation® Tech Wax™. The car now gets some great water beading action whenever it rains. :P

Pic 2: Final layer of wax with Meguair's NXT Generation® Tech Wax™

For the readers out there, if you need to paint your car or just do any touch up, email me and I'll pass you the contact. You'll not regret it. If they are good enough to prep and install TechArt bodykits to Porsches and the likes, the workmanship can be assured to be top notch.

I'm really satisfied with the work done. Too bad I can't take any nice shots of the car as I'll be overseas again tomorrow. So guess I'll have to find time to take photoshoot the car when I'm back sometime next week.

Here are some pictures I took today....... :)

Pic 3: Yea many people is working on the car :P

Pic 4: Like "Karate Kid", wax on, wax off.....

Pic 5: The ER34 looks new inside out eh?

Pic 6: Engine bay looks like it had just rolled off the production line


  1. nice eugene! can I have the contacts please? got some touching up to do.


  2. Hi Jin Han. Sure thing, just leave your email address and I'll email you the details. Or you can shoot me an email (it's listed on the blog).

  3. Nice paint job bro... If there's gonna be a stone chip, it must hurt both you and the car...Ouch!

  4. time to change your top banner of your blog man...

    it looks real good...

  5. Bro isma. You bet but sure can't escape one especially when I hit the twisties.

    Noted nwb. Will do so soon I hope. :P

  6. Wor......... 28 days? It was so long but provide a good result, cheers:) It too bad, that hear you will going to travel agian, must be missing your RB's sound haha. Enjoy your work JIN =p

  7. presto... finally it's out of the dungeon and into the streets... pity u won't be able to enjoy it till after ur next trip...

  8. Bro,

    Your car looks good enough to lick! If only got such workmanship in Penang..

  9. Nice!! Looks real clean!!

  10. Looks beautiful... Especially how all the white brings out the Neo6 cover's blue in contrast. Beaut engine!

    Come up to Penang for a run la... It's a whole different touge experience up here!

  11. ur car looks super neat. how come ur not using the alternating red/white coloured reverse lights?

  12. Yeah man. 28 days is madness. I'm back and had a spin in the ER34 immediately. :P

    scavenger, will do so if I drop by Penang. The ER34 rarely goes outstation tho. :(

    kev, the alternate red and white reverse clusters are the BNR34 version. Wouldn't mind having them tho. :)

  13. Bro,

    If u do Penang don't forget to look me up!


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