Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Aquarium headlights ?!?!

Pic 1: The ER34 looks kinda good without headlights ya??

Oh shucks!! I don't know why and I don't know how but one fine day my headlights decided to leak water in. Every time the ER34 is washed or it rained, the passenger side headlights will leak water in.

I've found quite a number of used headlights for sale in Japan and the price is astronomical!! These xenon headlights are not cheap at all!! I've been guilty of delaying this fix and in the process has gotten some pretty weird stares from friends, colleagues and some business associates. A leaky Skyline headlights? How embarrassing!!

Luckily, my buddy at Aeroclear, the guys that refurbishes and repairs aircraft windows are here to rescue me. :P If you recall, they have helped to polish and restore my dull yellowish headlights in July '07 (refer blog entry here).

Anyway, my ER34 was handed to Aeroclear's trusty hands to fix the leakage. Since I'm taking out the leaky headlight, I might as well fixes the other one as well (just incase!).

What was done is incredibly extensive. Both headlights are removed from the ER34 and are taken apart. Yes, literally broken down to individual pieces!
All the factory silicone sealants are removed and new ones are applied in providing a fool proof sealant against any future water leakage. The headlight covers are sandpapered and polished like new. These tedious processes took 48 hours to complete! Amazing!!!

Here are some of pictures.....

Pic 2: A flooded headlight?!?!

Pic 3: The reflectors

Pic 4: Headlight covers

Pic 5: Sandpapering the headlight covers

Pic 6: This is how the headlight covers looked like after sandpapered. The red circles are stone chips on the covers.

Pic 7: Polishing the headlight covers

Pic 8: Squeaky clean eh? Just like new.....

Pic 9: Front view (right side)

Pic 10: Side view (right side)

Pic 11: Front view (left side)

Pic 12: Rear view (left side)


  1. Wow, good stuff!

    I would've just drill a small hole by the side of the headlight assembly LOL... Ooops it's a skyline, not my old junk :D

  2. gd job EJ..wat is the price like??is it as high as the sky??

    jeremy here

  3. gd job EJ..wat is the price like??is it as high as the sky??

    jeremy here

  4. Man I would love to have the headlights on the slowtra refurbished. Lotsa chips and tiny holes. Any contacts in Penang?

  5. hey. i've r33. my headlights sure need some polishing!

    how much do they charge for that?

  6. touge king, drill a hole? Cannot la bro, that does not fix the problem in the first place, i.e. to stop water from seeping in. :P

    Jeremy & heterodyno, pls email me for more details on the place and contact to refurbish the headlights.

    Andrew, the guy that does mine only has a facility in the Klang Valley. Well you can courier your headlights to be done but you can only drive your car in the daytime for a couple of days. Hehehehehe

  7. What a watery eye, like an emotional unstable girl.. :P

    That's how the headlight restorer restore headlights and more:

    1. They use sand paper (grain 800) to sand the cover to remove the stone chips.
    2. Then they use ICI polish compound to polish.
    3. Then they use normal wax to polish, just like treating a new spray job.
    4. The extra thing that's done by these restorers is they claim, they will spray a layer of resin-like protector and protect the headlight to protect against future stone ship.

    I think they charge RM120 per lampu and no need to open the headlight fittings. Eu Jin's case, they have to solve the leak la. No choice.

    And since the cover need to open, I would add the low energy florescent angel ring in the light assembly too... cool..

  8. astroboy,

    Angel eyes in the ER34? Hmmm...I think I'll skip that. Kekeke

  9. Eu Jin,
    I've emailed you again with regards to the headlamps refurbishing for more detailed information. Got a few more questions after my previous email :s


  10. Hi Jackie, I have replied your email. :)

  11. aha.. u finally fixed the problem eh? good! :)

    Good coverage as well, as usual.

  12. Yea Russ, finally the car can look like a Skyline instead of a something else.....:P

  13. Trying my luck here... see can get any reply bo.. as this post were like 3 years d... wanted to know did day do any sanding on the inside of the lamp cover?

    thanks! love ur car very much~!

  14. keatloon, I always reply my comments no matter how old the blog post is. :)

    For sure the insides are cleaned and I think they did sand it.

    Thanks bro. I love my car too much too. LOL :D

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