Sunday, November 18, 2007

Proton's new MPV built with Chinese technology....?

There have been talks of a partnership between Proton Holdings Bhd and Chery Automobiles Co Ltd of China in assembling the models from China in Proton's smacking new high tech plant in Tangjung Malim. In addition, there were also talks about the possibility of Proton to use the technology from the Chinese automaker into producing a MPV of their own.

Ain't that interesting news? Yes....but that has been in the talk since uhm....about September 2006. So what has transpired since then?

I chanced upon a test unit yesterday and managed to snap some pictures of it. The badges and emblems have been covered though. Interesting eh?

Pic 1: Front view

Pic 2: Rear view


  1. i see,this is the car tat i spotted at Petaling 1st i wonder wat car izzit...wakaka

  2. hmmm that looks more of the China made car than Proton... despite rumours, didn't Proton learn from the sales of the Juara ?

  3. This will be lauched in January 2008. Look out for it.

  4. that is so ugly...doesnt even close to mpv-like,gees more like kereta keranda.hahaha

  5. Depan dah lawa dah.. Blkg mcm avanza lak.. Kire ok la tu..


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