Monday, November 19, 2007

Found: ER34 half-cut

Half-cuts of the ER34 are extremely hard to find. The vehicle is still very much popular in Japan and if there's any half-cuts, it'll probably go to Australia, New Zealand or United Kingdom where they can afford to pay higher prices for it.

Well, I chanced upon a unit recently with some nice parts in it. The half-cut I found has:-

1) Aluminium radiator
2) Silicone radiator hoses
3) Nismo radiator cap
4) Apexi bubble tank
5) Blitz oil cooler with oil filter relocation kit
6) Blitz LM intercooler kit
7) Blitz SUS power core type LM air filter
8) Apexi N1 coilovers
9) Nismo tension rods

I am interested in a few of the items but too bad, the owner of the half-cut isn’t particularly interested in taking off parts from the unit. Everything will go as a whole for a cool asking price of RM 15,000 (USD 4,440). :O

Here are some pictures of it....

Pic 1: The ER34 half-cut. It was involved in a front end side collision

Pic 2: Blitz Oil Cooler. Love the side mount. Should have ordered this instead of my GReddy/Trust one.

Pic 3: Blitz LM front mount intercooler. One of the intercooler pipe and silicone hose is torn from the accident.

Pic 4: Engine bay. Note the aluminium radiator, silicone radiator hoses, apexi bubble tank with Nismo radiator cap

Pic 5: Nismo tension rods

Pic 6: Apexi N1 coilovers


  1. Whoa! What a wreck! After seeing those pics the only part that capture my attention is the Blitz Oil cooler. Do they sell it separately? Can gimme the contact bro EJ?

  2. Jason, I also am interested in that item amongst others. No, they wanna sell the half-cut as a whole. The owner are not interested in taking parts out from the half-cut unless after 4 months the unit is still unsold.

  3. So let's hope no one wants to buy in 4 months time, and then we "gasak" him "kau kau" ok bro?

  4. Yea bro! Hopefully no one buys coz I also aiming a few things. :P

  5. The engine looks good. Why not spend a lil on a rebuild and tune it for performance. Then you have two engines... One for daily, and one reserved for a good track day.... hehehehe

  6. EJ
    actually ER34 half cult with a few performance part and just sold RM15K already cheap, coz last time i help my friend brought Skyline GTR33 V-Spec whole car( but already cut) with Nismo oil cooler, intercooler, water cap oil cap dashbord meter. HKS filter spark plug, Fcon v-pro. Tein adjust suspension. Brembo 6pot. roll-gage. CF bonet. RSR exhaust 3'5 inch piping. and the car are no crash, and i use RM22K deal.

    when start the engine, the car engine was high low, so i guess inside engine must hv something.

    when push clutch hv a sound same like ORC twin plate.

  7. touge kid, that one is a RB26DETT ma, this is a RB25DET wor.....a bit costly in my opinion.

  8. that's rb25det leh, dont know the condition but its quite cheap for rm 15k when it comes with those extra accessories.

    buy it lah then sell the nismo tension rods to me *laughs*

  9. EJ
    yup i know, tat's y i say the RB25 already hv a cheap price:D fast fast buy lor if still hv:D

  10. heterodyno, yes I know this is a RB25DET. I was referring to touge kid's post. Buy it? With what? Two bagfuls of seashells? Hehehe

  11. Blame it on the speed demons in us, lol :D !!!

  12. Kekekekeke! Buy with what ah??Touge kid, touge kid, I guess he has a long way to grow up ah compare to his predecessor TK.

  13. eujin,
    can u give me your contact number?

    u can reach me at 016-2217111 jason

  14. Hi Jason, best of luck in the half-cut and remember me if it's a go ahead. LOL :D

  15. u received my pm in zth right? regarding the condition of the halfcut...

  16. Went to check on the halfcut last weekend. It's still there......


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