Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Top 10: Dangerous cars (A BNR34?!?!?)

I recently read an article on UK's MSN Cars on the Top 10 most dangerous cars. Dan Trent, a motoring journalist wrote down his opinion of the Top 10 most dangerous cars on our roads. And his list goes like this....

1) AC Cobra
2) Mercedes 300SL Gullwing
3) Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34)
4) Porsche 911 GT2 (996)
5) Ferrari F40
6) Renault Clio V6
7) Lotus Carlton
8) Peugeot 205 GTI
9) Lamborghini Miura
10) TVR Tuscan S

You guessed what caught my eye. A BNR34 as one of the most dangerous cars? WTF!! This is what Dan wrote about the BNR34,

"Accepted wisdom has it that the Skyline is so high-tech as to be virtually uncrashable. Just keep your foot in and the black boxes will do the rest, right? Partly so. Sure, the armoury of abbreviations and innovations - from ATTESA ET-S PRO torque distribution to Super HICAS four-wheel steering - all contribute to the GT-R's formidable cornering power and Porsche beating performance. And driving a Skyline can be like a video game made real. But personal experience proves the danger comes when you discover all the electronic brain power in the world can't actually over-rule the laws of physics. And that skidding off into the barrier requires more than hitting 'restart' on your PlayStation control pad. "

Geez......makes me wonder.


  1. to me i guess any fast car is dangerous..ej it been a long time like u have not update u blog..


  2. Hi Jeremy. Or rather any car driven fast is dangerous?

    Yea been a bit slack in updating coz was busy with work and in addition, did not do anything to the car for quite a while. :(

  3. EJ it's about time we trade our car.. mine is a stock standard locally made one.. i bet it is much more safer.. LOL... kidding... kidding... :-)

  4. This is what the rest of the GTR owners have to say about it.. lol


  5. Russ, lol at those UK owners also bashing the journalist. :P

  6. Does Dan know how to drive :P ?

    Who made him an expert anyway :) ? To me, the cars listed are fun cars. You just have to know your own limit, as well as respect the car's limit, before pushing hard in ANY car.

    I bet you Dan would crash my touge machine driving on the north south highway, during our monsoon downpour LOL !

  7. touge king, I would probably crash in your touge machine driving in the pouring rain too. :P


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