Thursday, December 13, 2007

Removal of "S K Y L I N E" & 25GTt emblem

Pic 1: The ER34 with the SKYLINE emblem

The rear of the ER34 comes with a row of emblem emphasising the model of the car. The "S K Y L I N E" emblem is not particularly ugly or unsightly but somehow I like a clean look on the rear of the car.

Thus I had the emblem AND also the 25GTt logo removed. I kinda like the way it looked now as compared with the emblems in place. Nice, clean, smooth and tidy.

This is the outcome of it. What do you think?

Pic 2: With the SKYLINE emblem removed


  1. Hi EJ!
    Definitely looks better w/o da SKYLINE emblem.
    But I think da emblems on da side should remain.

  2. Martin, you meant the 25GTt logo? Well....I thought might as well make it all clean at the rear.

    Who knows, maybe a NISMO sticker will find home where the 25GTt used to reside.... :P

  3. Looks good EJ..

    I would have done the same if the BNR34 came with that 'SKYLINE' emblem.. but I think I'll never touch the 'V-Spec' bit... hehe, so I would have also left the '25GTt' logo.. but then again, full clean does also look nice.. different strokes for different folks.. :)

  4. Looks good Bro! Just needs a "Nismo" emblem now..

  5. nissan logo also remove la...hehe.

  6. Hi EJ,
    Nice going m8! Always a big fan of shaved trunk emblems. +1 if it was a DIY :-)

  7. look nice... clean... and it's time for RB26... hehehe.. :)

  8. how come nobody suggested you to stick a GTR emblem instead.

    just kidding just kidding,lol.

  9. Bro Andrew, the NISMO emblem does come to mind but at JPY 10,800 a piece excluding freight...doubt I'll go for it.

    Anonymous, removing the NISSAN logo does come in mind but think I'll want it there. :)

    heterodyno, GTR emblem? Hell no. Don't wanna pretend to be what it is not. :P

  10. Jin, dont take away the Nissan badge, the rest gone is ok liao..Nissan car looks better without those farnee badges.

  11. Its not the emblem's fault la. Its rather human being get bored of something they see everyday.

    Leave it for a while and pretty soon, u will find it to be too bare and itch on a Nismo logo, once the Nismo is on for a while, u will itch for something else.. :P

    Human Nature la..

  12. EJ, I also notice the pic below ur pic2 on the Emblem thread, the blue GTR having a red fog light next to the rear reg plate. That will give ur ride the European look!

    Think about it!

  13. Don't worry Foo, the Nissan badge is staying!

    Astroboy, the red fog lamp is standard on the GT-R. Hard to find used one and they are not cheap either.

  14. man...u just lost 50rwkw by taking off the skyline name! lol

  15. Looks alot better without the skyline, i did the same thing to mine except i took off the skyline as well. Car looks sweet.

    Definitely keep the GT on the sides.

  16. zul, lol....I will compensate by adding some stickers. Hahaha

    lat1naso, you did that to your ER34 as well? Cool!

  17. Nice ER34, the debadging looks good.

    My R32 gtst was already fully debadged when I purchased it but I bought a new bonnet for it recently which had the small 'S' emblem still on it, so I removed it and turned it into a keyring lol.

  18. cogs, haha...nice usage for the 'S' emblem. :)


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