Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tein Super Street Re-adjustment

Previously, ER34 somehow handled a bit weird when it's flung around long sweeping bends. Somehow it felt a little bit unstable and not as planted as before. It has been a long while in that condition but the silly me just shrugged it off as perhaps due to my worn tyres.

However, after I changed to the new tyres, the problem still persists. There must be something wrong. What could it be? I decided to check my damping on the Tein Super Street as the first step.

Pic 1: Just a quick turn clockwise to set it to the hardest

Horrors that be, the front right side was set to the softest while the left side was set to the hardest.
Some low-life idiot must have decided to tamper with my damping adjustment!!! Damn it, no wonder it felt weird. This must be the handiwork of some itchy hand fellows while the ER34 was at the workshop. &%$#@!*

Well, since I'm readjusting it, I set it all round to the hardest setting. I mean the current setting was perfect for me. A good trade off for daily normal commute and the occasional spirited drives. But I wanted to try something a little bit harder. Think of it as a prelude to see how I can take it if I decided to upgrade to something from the Tein catalogue.

The verdict? The ride now is very firm and bordering to being uncomfortable for daily usage but I'll stick to it now and see how it goes. I think it'll grow on me. :)


  1. hardest setting? you gonna feel it with riding horse on the street.

  2. I am also planning to upgrade my ride. Is it really that firm. Just hope that it can be done with my ride since it is an older car.


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