Monday, January 31, 2011

Gohtong Jaya Drive with the MSC #01

Pic 1: Heading towards Ulu Yam

The Malaysian Skyline Club had a drive to Gohtong Jaya via Ulu Yam road yesterday. Now it has been ages since my last drive (approx. 6 months ago!) thus was looking forward to do some driving. I've already decided not to push it like last time due to the ER34 having fresh tyres, fresh brake pads and also just had the rotors skimmed. Well PLUS I am a much slower driver nowadays, getting old might have got something to do with it, and also with a little one on tow does have its effect. :)

Anyway, I reached the rendezvous point at 6:30am only to see a huge gatherings of Alfa Romeos that are heading up the same route as well. As they start to move off, the rest of the Skyline chaps arrive in great numbers. There were a mix of cars from Skylines, Silvias, Pulsar GTi-R, Cefiros, R35 GT-R, Lancer Evolutions, 300ZX, etc....

Pic 2: Regroup before the cable car station

Pic 3: Regroup before the cable car station

How many cars? Gosh I really don't know man. It's a huge turnout!

The weather was not on our side this morning as it was raining pretty heavily on some stretch and the roads were soaking wet! It's at this point that I am glad I shod the ER34 with Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetrics. These were great in the wet!

Even in these adverse conditions, some of the front runners were really gunning it mad. I couldn't even catch a glimpse of them. Naturally in such a big group, the cars broke into two groups pretty soon. Those that are ahead and those that are a a little bit behind.

I stayed with a bunch of cars throughout comprising of R32s, A31s, Z31, R35 and some R34s. It's quote entertaining to watch those R32s drift round the wet corners ahead of me. Good stuffs!

The final destination of
the Cable Car station was reached pretty quick. This is where we grouped up for a much deserving breakfast before the group start to move off back home individually and in small groups. Nothing much to report on thus I'll just proceed with some pictures of the day.


Pic 4: Regroup before the cable car station

Pic 5: Regroup before the cable car station

Pic 6: Regroup before the cable car station

Pic 7: Yes it was really raining mad!

Pic 8: Yours truly

Pic 9: Slammed RPS13

Pic 10: The dorifto guys

Pic 11: Sexy and very rare Pulsar GTi-R

Pic 12: Probably the most awesome BCNR33 in the country


  1. Nice post, E.J. No video for this run?

  2. EJ,

    Can I have the higher res 1st pic ah.. :)

  3. J.Y 元, there is a video but it's not that good sound wise as there's a rattling sound from a loose screw on the camero mount.

    Temujin, emailed.

  4. Those are really cool rides. Have a forum for it? is it a club or exclusively for group of friends.


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