Thursday, January 27, 2011

Shod the ER34 with Volk Racing TE37 and slap on the Endless brakes??

This month seems to be the topic of footwork for the ER34. We've been talking about tyres, wheels, brakes and suspension. :)

Well, since we are at this topic, let me wrap up this month's blog entry on the discussion of possible replacement wheels for the ER34.

What got me thinking was that the good folks at JDM Auto Link have a set of used Volk Racing TE37 enroute from Japan. What's so special about the wheels is that it's finished in one of RAYS optional colour.

The standard colour of TE37 is just bronze and white. I mean, only two colours? Yes, only two colours are available off the shelf. However, they do carry some optional colours which needs to be ordered from their factory. The list of optional colours are:-

Optional Colours:
Mercury Silver
Platinum Silver
Titanium Gunmetal
Hyper Flat Black
Diamond Black
Takata Green
Gold (aka Top Secret Gold)
Magnesium Blue
Chameleon Blue/Purple

And they also have some special edition colours as below:-

Special Edition:
Black Time attack with red lip TE37 only
Seibon edition (similiar to black/red time attack) TE37 only
Silver Green time attack TE37 only
Blue Yellow time attack TE37 only

Before we go into the specs of the possible new wheels, let take a look at my journey from the stock ER34 wheels to my current
Work Emotion XD9. I took me a long while to decide what wheels to shod the ER34 with in order to ditch the fugly standard items.

After many hours, days, weeks, months of research, looking at pics, etc ..... only then I decided to go for the
Work Emotion XD9. I was very careful with my wheel order, thus with advise from Work I got the recommended specs for the ER34. Now lets look at what difference did it make to the ER34 on stock versus the Work Emotion XD9.

Stock ER34 wheels specs:-
17 x 7.5J PCD +40 - Front
17 x 7.5J PCD +40 - Rear

Work Emotion XD9 specs:-
18 × 8.0JJ+35 - Front
18 × 9.0JJ+38 - Rear

With the switch to
Work Emotion XD9, the ER34 had the below changes:-

Inner Clearance: 1mm LESS
Outer Position: EXTEND an extra 11mm

Inner Clearance: 17mm LESS
Outer Position: EXTEND an extra 21mm

Pic 1: This is how Volk Racing TE37 in Mercury Silver looks like

Now if I shod it in with the Volk Racing TE37s that have the below specs:-
18 X 8.5J+30 - Front
18 X 9.5J+40 - Rear

The ER34 will have the below changes from what it is currently:-

Inner Clearance: 1mm LESS
Outer Position: EXTEND an extra 11mm

Inner Clearance: 8mm LESS
Outer Position: EXTEND an extra 4mm

After checking my wheels yesterday, I have the extra space up front and rear to move the wheels outwards a bit. That means those Volk Racing TE37s will be perfect for the ER34. PLUS I will be able to fit in my Endless 6 pot brakes. Woohoo!!!

But but but I have not really decided to go for it tho. Decisions ..... decisions. I am still ok with selling off my Endless brakes at this moment. So yeah, in a bit of a dilemma now. :(

Well if you are interested in those wheels, you can check it out with JDM Auto Link. :)


  1. Bro,

    Wat u waiting for? Take the TE37s :)

    BTW. I've ordered 17 x 7" Work Emotion CR Kais. Need that to clear my 6 pot Wilwoods.

  2. I agree with andrew... don't think twice, I would also go for the TE37 mercury silver. it really looks great. though, if you can post some more pics of the other rims, maybe we can suggest even more.

  3. Work Emotion CR Kais are wonderful wheels. Curious how are the Wilwoods? I've seen a couple of examples where their rotors develop cracks. Yikes!

    uro parts, no other wheels on hand at the moment. Just looking at readily available options.

  4. EJ, agreed with what the rest said. Take the TE37, bro. You may hesitate now, but sure not in the future.

    My suggestion is not to go with the Mercury silver though. If that happen, there wouldn't be a great contrast to your car. Colours such as Takata Green, Gold, Magnesium Blue, Orange and Chameleon Blue/Purple don't look like your style after reading your blog for sometime.

    So guess, Titanium Gunmetal, Hyper Flat Black and Diamond Black is the better choice :p

    Well, those are just my 2 cents :p Certainly how I would like my E34 to look like.

  5. Whoops! Sorry. Gold is out of the not-your-taste list. Gold is nice :p

    Standard isn't always bad though. I mean, what can go wrong with TE37 :)

  6. J.Y 元, I am looking at the Mercury Silver coz that set is coming in from Japan due to arrive in March. That's a ready option so to speak.

    I like my current white with bronze wheels, It's very suitable I think. Mercury silver is a very special colour, totally different from those silver wheels you see on the road. Imagine the colour of mercury in thermometers. :P

  7. Will have the chance to see it in person if I get to spot you again in Sunway :)

    And yes. The current bronze wheels of yours is suitable. I bet the TE37 and the new endless brake system will be even better :p

  8. Not only in terms of Looks. The TE37s are definitely lighter too! :)

    All cross drilled rotors will crack when tracked. Even Porsche ones. My rotors are not actually from Wilwood though but are Coleman Racing items. And the rotors are slotted only.


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