Sunday, January 16, 2011

What Endless Brakes?

Pic 1: Endless 6 pot brakes clearance

Yes I can't wait for those lovely Endless 6 pot brakes to be installed into the ER34!!

Two days ago, I try-fitted in the Endless 6 pot but was utterly disappointed that there is a clearance issue. Between the caliper and the inner wheel, there's just about 2mm of clearance. The clearance is so close that even the wheel balancing counter-weighs couldn't pass through the gap. Yes it's that small. With the balancing counter-weighs removed, even the residue two-way tape underneath touches the caliper as the wheel is spun around.

Pic 2: It will hit on the balancing counter-weighs at the bottom left of the picture

A couple of guys said it's ok as long as the caliper does not touch any part of the wheel as it turns, but me being a little bit more careful gave it a hard thought and conjure out some worst case scenarios. I was thinking of:-

- Wheel flex under hard load (eg. while cornering) could have physical impact with the calipers
- A bent wheel (if I hit a massive pot hole) could also have physical impact with the calipers
- If a pebble/stone gets lodged between the caliper and the wheel, the inner wheel would have been scratched to kingdom come.
- etc.....

All of these thoughts made me realise that I cannot be driving with full confidence with these in my head. It is just not worth it to be thinking of the what-ifs while driving enthusiastically.

I do know the problem is due to my wheel design which is a Work Emotion XD-9 but changing to a new wheel now is not the solution. I tried-fitted in a Volk Racing TE37 and it has ample clearance. So much that a kid could be swimming in between! Well ok, I exaggerated a little bit but you get the picture.

Due to the above fears, I have decided not to mount on the Endless 6 pot brakes. It's totally sad as I was looking forward to having some good uprated braking power. Plus it's like my dream set of brakes. Sob! So I guess these brakes would be up for sale if there's any interested parties out there. :(

Pic 3: Newly skimmed Project Mu SCR Pro rotors

Well because I can't get those lovely Endless brakes in, I've decided to uhm ..... 're-new' my current brakes. I had the Project Mu SCR Pro rotors skimmed a wee bit and also changed to new Endless Super Street - S-sports brake pads (EP230 SSS). These are rated to 500 degrees which would be sufficient for fast road usage.

Pic 4: Endless Super Street - S-sports brake pads (EP230 SSS)

Pic 5: Endless Super Street - S-sports brake pads (EP230 SSS)


  1. wouldve been an awesome upgrade!

    at least the nissan calipers are in endless blue! one can only dream! :\

  2. Finally! Simply awesome. Love it.

    btw, Happy New Year, E.J.

  3. Oh shoot! Was too excited that I commented without reading the entire post. Pardon the comment before.

    What are you going to do with the brakes now? Straight to changing tyres?

  4. Zul, yeah such a shame. Stock calipers same colour but way different. LOL

    J.Y 元, Happy New Year to you too. Might just sell off the brakes unless a cheap set of GOOD wheels in the right offset came my way.

  5. Don't worry soon you'll be fitting that Endless, a hunch from me :)

  6. Since its ur dream brakes, I feel you should keep it. Or you might regret selling it off :)

  7. Fir, well I tell myself I will sell it off if the offer meets my minimum expectation else will rather keep it. :P

    Anonymous, yeah I know I will regret if it's gone but if it's not doing anything in the store room, I might as well free up some cash flow.

  8. EJ,

    Just get another set of rims with diff offset. It might clear it

  9. Andrew, rotor surface area is important. Reducing it is like downgrading the awesome brakes. :P

  10. Bro,

    Not really true. Most calipers are usable over a range of diameters and I'm pretty sure the Endless kit didn't come with rotors of min diameter. Just 1cm smaller diameter should do the trick and clear your rims nicely.

  11. Hi bro. Not referring to the calipers but with the reduced friction area with a smaller rotor.

    But just out of curiousity, will the brackets have to be redone with a smaller rotor?

  12. Hi Bro,

    Yes the brackets will have to be redone.

  13. Yeah, that's why it's not an option for me. Don't want to make brackets which will cost me on top of purchasing a new set of rotors.

    With that cost on hand, might as well channel it to another set of wheels.

  14. A pretty nice upgrade. wanted to have the same brakes for my car. Anyways, how much did it cost?


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